Sunday, March 10, 2019

First Week at Korea University & Teaching Kids

First Week at Korea University - Course Registration and Journaling
Last Monday, May 4th 2019, I started my first week as a freshman at Korea University. I did course registration (์ˆ˜๊ฐ•์‹ ์ฒญ) for the first time before college starts (๊ฐœ๊ฐ•) and took 18 credits with 2 core-general education in "Introduction to Economics" and "Introduction to Political Science". Those two classes are the very basic thing that I would need for the next 4 years before taking some major classes which would need pre-requisites or general idea about the courses. I changed my schedule during the add/drop period due to some reasons and consideration, the rest of the classes are English classes to improve my academic English skill in a general, reading, writing, debating, and so on. My courses are all in English!! ye-hey, happy. Bye, Korean. Oh, and before anyone asking again, I am majoring in International Studies. Yep, International Studies, not International Relations. I will write a post about it as soon as I understand clearly the difference between both of them, Insha Allah.

I have been trying to start journaling again for the past few days, I just bought my stationeries last week and decided that this year's theme will be all in black! I also re-write and re-consider my future goals and make it aligned with my timetable right now. I don't know what will happen in the next few months, my first semester in KU, but I wish I will remain steadfast and firm in my faith or even goes deeper than I used to have. I pray that whatever I will face in the future: pain, rejection, blessing, dynamic, etc, will always have barakah in it. I don't know what will happen in the next four months, or four years even, but I wish my future-self will contemplate on the posts that I've written from the past few years in this book or in my journals, thus, I will remember why I started.

I have been writing a blog since I was 12 years old and that's the time where I started to plan out my whole life. I make a plan, Allah plans, but Allah is the best of a planner. But as a Muslim, we are not ought to just let everything happen and wait. We are taught to do our part with hard-work and the rest we leave it to Allah. Having tawakkal in Allah doesn't mean we don't plan out things, having tawakkal in Allah means "we do our part first and let Allah do the rest". From the past few weeks, I am trying to change my eating and life-style by building a habit of "eat more vegetables and fruits"! Cooking recipe videos are one of my jam now yayyyy (I am not a pro but at least I am trying! hehe). There are still some habits that I have to change including zero procrastination, read more books, seek knowledge, drink more water, and stop-clicking-the-snooze-button!! I am trying to fix and change myself to be better because after all, it is for my own good. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah for Islam.

My First Time Teaching Kids (in Korean!)
Hmm, what else..? Oh! This Saturday was my first time teaching Indonesian or mix-married Korean kids, I was paired with three kids today (around 4-6 years old): Ali, Hakim, and Iram. Three of them can't speak Korean, well, one knows and understands but doesn't want to use it. It was such a challenge for me because I am so bad at speaking but yeah I tried. Ali keeps saying, "I don't know Indonesian." and ran away from the table. I have met Iram before when I was still in Busan, she kinda forgot me at first but after I showed her the selfies that we used to take she started to hold my hands, jumps here and there, pull me to the right or left, run around the room, and never tried to let go of it! Awe. She likes studying and always repeat her Qur'an memorization even when it's not the time for memorizing. Also, her story-telling skill is amazing, perhaps better than I do.

The other two boys are siblings but they look like a twin because of how much they resemble each other! Similar heights even. Ali is older than his peers but still too young to be included in the "big class", he is still kiddo after all. However, he is maturer than the kids on his age and tends to take care of those younger than him. He is shy and likes to lower his voice when reading Iqra' or repeating the surah he has memorized. I don't know if he was not confident or just bored. Hakim, on the other hand, is less shy than his brother but his focus often distorted with toys and snacks. Both of them are quiet but likes drawing, I was surprised when I saw Ali's drawing. He drew so well that I can tell what he is drawing (some kids' drawings are so abstract I don't even know what that is.). Ali is my favourite hihi!

However, three of them did well and actually knows the Arabic alphabets they have memorized before. Just bored and lazy I think, typical kids. Because as soon as we played hand-plushies, they started to tell me stories about animals (in Korean of course) and did some role-plays where I have to act like I am hurt or give special reaction whenever they push the plushies to me, like you know, attacking. Hahahah, funny thing, they don't know the names of animals in Bahasa Indonesia except one thing, bebek, and they'll start laughing endlessly. May Allah bless these kids, aamiin ya rabbal alamin.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Trials and Blessings

If somebody asks me, "What is the biggest blessing that ever happened to you?" I won't say money, degree, or any material gifts. I would say, "Friends".  
Friends are the biggest blessing that Allah has ever bestowed upon me throughout my whole life. The friend that always reminds me of Allah, the hereafter, the reason why I remain steadfast in deen of Islam.  
The people who corrects me when I do something wrong and I, deep down, really appreciate whenever they did do that. They are the ones who put values in my life and taught me about a lot of things that cannot be bought by money or traded with any material things in this world. 
Thank you for the lessons and things that are unseen to the eyes.  I wish I could mention each one of my friends who changed my life and filled my days with beautiful memories, but it won't ever be enough to express how grateful I am to have each one of them in my life.  
My sisters and brothers in Islam, know that you played a huge role in my life. Barakallahu feekum, jazakallahu khairan katsiran. Aamiin yaa rabbal alamin.

I posted this on my snap gram on 13th of February, 2018. I was in the KTX from Busan on my way to Seoul, listening to Mufti Menk's podcast about the blessings of friends in our life (if you want to watch/listen, see the youtube video below or simply click this link!). That day, I officially moved to Busan after I spent almost one-year studying the Korean language. Now it's my time to start my degree in Korea University, Seoul, and start a new life here.

It was hard and difficult to leave tbh because I was already comfortable with my life there and have good friends, really really good friends. They are my sisters that I met in Al-Fatah Mosque Dusil and my KGSP friend from Egypt, Amira. Of course, I have other friends as well, but they are the ones I am closest with, whom I talked to a lot. And by talking means, no simple talking but deep and meaningful conversations, sharing and exchanging our thoughts about Islam, world, politics, social-economy to jinns, universe, science, technology and even marriages! HAHAH they are the best! I love my friends, of course, my friends in Indonesia are included, the people that I probably have mentioned in the previous posts. The precious ones in my life who probably doesn't realise that their aspirations, ambitions, and views about this life inspired me to keep moving on in this life. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

This past few weeks, the last two months to be precise, I was having a rough time of discovering myself to new paths of life. It was quite short but an unforgettable experience. It was exciting but hurts so much, that I really didn't expect it at all. It was rather a painful journey. I am afraid I cannot tell the details of what happened because it includes some privacy of some people, and due to that I will just paint the big picture. Moreover, it is not our way in Islam to talk bad about others in front of other people and put a bad image on them (May Allah forgives us). Yes, we do make mistakes and sometimes we forgot, but everyone has a chance to forgive and learn. 

I'd rather lose one or two friends that possibly caused me to go astray from the goodness or lead me to destruction than to lose my relationship with Allah Azza Wa Jalla. We, I included, always make mistakes but we always have two or more choices. We are given brains to think and reflect about every matter that happened in our lives but sometimes our hearts are contradictory to each other.

Whatever doubts you have: remember to always trust your gut feeling, it's right most of the time, InshaAllah. And always put your trust in Allah, ask him to guide you and your heart to the best choice only, for your Dunya (world) and akhirah. It is only win-or-win solution whenever you put your trust in Allah, be tawakkal, of course, do your part first by doing ikhtiar and then you can leave the rest to Allah.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Beginning of A Journey

Korean Language Training graduation day - January, 2019

This is just the beginning...
Almost 3 months passed since I wrote anything in this blog, I have promised you 
to write articles on the topic that you guys requested but I haven't had the chance and time to write, 
I am sorry, I will try my best. If... possible. InshaAllah. Hehe. 

This post will mark the beginning of my study journey in South Korea. By January 18th I've officially finished my Korean Language Training Program at Silla University. Yes, I've graduated! Alhamdulillah. But this is not the end, at all. Instead, this is the beginning of the real journey. Soon enough I will start my undergraduate studies on Spring Semester at Korea University, Seoul. I will leave Busan (that has become my second hometown now I guess!) and move to Seoul by mid-February InshaAllah.

A lot of things happened in 2018, the good and the bad. I am feeling so grateful that I have met wonderful and amazing GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) friends at Silla University: 36 people from 32 different countries. We came from various cultures and backgrounds, we may not always like each other and have the same opinions about everything but we learned how to respect and appreciate each other's cultures and values despite our differences. They are all amazing people, I learned about their pasts and the journeys that they have been through but managed to survive until they became the person they are today. We all have strengths and weaknesses, we may not be perfect but that's what differentiates us from one another. And I am feeling so happy that I got the chance to learn about their lives, personal values, and way of thinking.

When I look back at my life again I realize how lucky and blessed I am because of this opportunity. I really am grateful and InshaAllah will not regret my decision of coming to Korea despite the challenges that I have to face in order to survive. Life in Korea may not be easy, but this is where I learn how to be responsible and get out of my comfort zone in order to grow. Oh, and I am 20 now, it might be young for some people and old for some other people. But for me, I've always reminded myself that "If today is your last day, then you are old already.", so don't wait until you're old because old age is not promised. The present is the only thing that we have right now, so make sure that we don't waste it! #selfreminder :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Sail, Shore, and Ocean

Related image
Yeongdo-daegyo, Busan, South Korea
Thursday on the beginning of October was a well-spent night under the columns of light in South Korea. The weather was cold and stinging but Autumn is still yet to come. You told me that the sailing was delayed due to this dangerous weather, I remembered how excited you were about the idea of coming back home for a few days. And that time you asked me one more time if we could meet to spend some time around before typhoon hits Busan, or before your months worth of sailing. 

Winds and waves,
Shore and ocean,
Buildings and bridges,

All that above remind me of how you talked about your agony and hardship that you have been through all these years. About the pain that you bury inside your heart over and over again by trying to let it pass one more time. About your fear of future and your own definition of happiness. Three hours of conversation passed by like a warm breeze in a tranquil restaurant near the city lights. “You know what? There are two reasons that make me happy today, guess!” you exclaimed in, carving a big smile.

“Ummm. I think I know,” I said, “First, because you got day-offs from sailing before you get a further announcement about the typhoon effect. Second... because you can eat raw fish today?” Moving my eyebrows as I pointed out at the plate of salmon and tuna in front of us, grabbed another salmon and dipped in the salted-oil sauce. 

You told me before, it has been a long time since you ate raw fish. But suddenly you laughed hard as if you have been given all the freedom you can have in this world. “The first thing is correct,” you smiled once again, letting out a sigh so freely as if all the burden on your shoulder has been swept away. “The second is because I got to talk with you about everything today. Thank you, I am very happy today.” 

And suddenly my heart is at ease,
at least I know how it felt like,
to be able to bring someone’s smile back,
even just for a while.

Then you took me for a walk to a beautiful scene that I have never seen before, well I might have seen it but not this way. Not on this rainy day. I have never walked to the shore on a rainy day, on typhoon weather. No, not at all, not once in my life.

“I am afraid of the sea; the depth of the ocean. It’s scary.” I said and you laughed.

“There's nothing to be afraid of."

"Well, I can't swim!" you laughed again, now mocking me.

"I can swim." so what? It doesn't help me either way. Sea is scary. No further interruption. "I love the sound of the sea, it’s relaxing. I used to go here to swim when I was a kid," you stopped and pointed afar, "Do you see the green and red lights near the lighthouse?” I nodded, “that’s the navigation for ships. Look at those ships there.” 

You kept on pointing your finger like a 6 year-old-kid to all the objects that you can name one by one across the bridge enthusiastically, explained it passionately as if your life is revolved around them, although it's true. Your life is revolved around them. 

Now I have seen the sea when it’s stormy and wild; or when suddenly it’s quiet and serene. I have listened to the sound of waves crashing the rocks across the lane that we walked in along the shore. I have felt the difference of the vivid lights of skyscrapers and the raging waves that were separated by the bridge. I have noticed how the green and red lights were meant to be something important to the world that you live in. 

But the bottom line is that I can't see the ocean the way it used to be, for I realized that everything has turned into something meaningful and beautiful. At least not in my life, but maybe somebody else's life.

And maybe, too, this world is the only place 
where I get the chance to learn about people from a wider perspective 
and be less judgemental about other people's life.

This is how I usually express my gratitude to my friends, by learning from their life and building new perspectives. :) Thank you for such experience!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

[Comment here!] Blog post request & ideas


Recently, I have been receiving a lot of requests and blog post ideas through Instagram and emails. I already took notes and planned to write as soon as I have time and collect material ๐Ÿ“ InshaAllah soon. Anyway, thank you so so much for your kindest words, loves, and supports you gave. I might not express it pretty well in my replies (due to the amount of happiness I felt in one go!), I was overwhelmed but it DOES touch my heart :') heheee. Send my loves back to y'all!

I was wondering if some of you have any ideas or request as well, please comment down below the things that you most curious about. Anything. And anonymous is allowed. So, feel free to say anything. I will try my best to give you the best information or opinions (if needed). Even if you feel like you already requested via dm or smth, you can comment here again. I am afraid I have forgotten......some. hehe. sorry. 

Febby Aurora xx

Saturday, September 08, 2018


Prophet (pbuh) said: Souls are like crowds which gather together. 
The ones who met before get along well. 
The ones who did not meet before, cannot get along very well and separate.” 
(Bukhari, Anbiya, 2; Muslim, Birr, 159; Abu Dawud, Adab, 19). 

To: the unknown

Your soul color shall be a deep dark blue with a hint of silver. Your true colors are interchangeable, a collection of complexities that I will never fully comprehend.
It will be free and not vulnerable;
the rockets of desire;
sincere but complex. 
It will attract my mind that is only captured by the uncommon and s o l e l y individual. The few ones who are willing to drag their mind out of this world and go beyond the limit. My eyes would have seen a lot of things, from the way your words shall ignite my own to the way you hide away your crown. Your thoughts are deep and I beseech. Through you, I will find pieces of myself that were once tied with yours before we were born in this world. We might not know yet, but the love remains old and e c h o e s in the world before lifetimes. 

But all that matters is that someday I will find out that you have grown more than I ever had since all the years before we meet. And you deserve a whole lot more in the future that has been written only for the soul that remains untouched and truthful. Your soul is beautiful. And you should know that my prayers are for thou, the heart has been longing for.

[04.28 am, dorm room, full of thoughts]

p.s:  idih baper amat abis makan apa w. 
oh iya makan selai kacang. nga nyambung biar hehe maap.
ngatau inspirasi darimana. nulis aja.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

[Link Download] KGSP-Undergraduate 2019!


Guidelines KGSP 2019 for Undergraduate Studies (via Embassy, University Track, and Associate Degree) has been released.
For guidelines and more information click:



Please read the guidelines and available informations first before asking!
KGSP Grantee’s blogs link are available on the sidebar of this blog as well.
Best of luck!!

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Spend five minutes to watch this video :)

Assalamualaikum peace be upon you,

Hello it’s me. I don’t know who you are, the one who passed by this post,
but I am very sure that Allah wants you to know this message.

I just want you to spend your 5 minutes to watch this video. Just a little time to invest, not that much. Look, ponder, and reflect how this person’s heart is attached to Allah. I hope you can take something to learn from it :)

Have a good day and may Allah bless you๐Ÿ–ค

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Sometimes I wonder,
whose prayers has been granted by Allah
to the point that I can achieve what I have achieved right now.

If I were only relying on my own deeds and efforts,
I would never deserve everything
and anything that I have today.

Sometimes I wonder,
if I am deserving
of all the prayers that my mom always recites for me
in secrets at day and night.

Even if I dedicate my whole life
to payback what she always did to me,
I would forever be incapable
of doing the exact same thing.

For the prayers that reached the heavens,
knocked the door of His abundant mercy
For the prayers that we are aware or unaware of,
known or unknown.

For the people whose prayers are sincere,
who constantly prays to our ummah in silence,
know that even if no one acknowledges you
Allah knows, and that should be enough for us.

He has blessed us with so many things
that we didn't even pray for
He has protected us from so many things
we didn't know about.

For the people whose heart is attached to Allah,
for those who are content with our religion
I wish that Allah will bless you with His mercy,
love and guidance,
and anything that you deserve
in this dunya and hereafter.

[August 26th, 2018. 2.16 a.m, Busan Al Fatah Masjid]

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Summer Vacation: Busan and Jeju with my Aunt and Cousin!

By the time we ate it, we just stare at each other in silence.... “omg.” “omg.” “wait. OMG hoW COME THIS IS SO GOOD” “like sushi!!!!” “Omg. What is this taste.” “I don’t know but it’s just amazing" 

My summer vacation started on 20th July 2018, I spent a few days traveling around Busan and hanging out with my friends. On Wednesday, 26th July 2018, my cousin and aunt happened to visit Korea so I picked them up in Busan Station and headed to the hotel near Jagalchi Market around 2 p.m. For your information, it was sooo hot in Korea. Waaaay hotter than in Indonesia I swear!! It’s so humid and the heat-wave is unbelievable, when you’re going outside the room it’s like a blazing fire splashed on your face and you will sweat in no time. I thought Indonesia is hot enough, hotter than any other countries, turns out Korea is way hotter during summer.

Then we were roaming around BIFF Square Nampo-dong in front of Jagalchi Market and I was researching for seafood and halal foods near the place. Just went there once for eating Indonesian bakso a few weeks ago so I didn’t really know the place, but it is quite a famous place. So I found a restaurant with good reviews in Naver, thousands of reviews saying that it’s worth to visit the place! The place called Busan Huet Jib ๋ถ€์‚ฐํšŸ์ง‘, Jagalchi, and they served seafood including octopus, shrimp, seafood stew, and some weird kinds of seafood that I can’t even look at it. Hahahaha.

My cousin was yearning for sannakji ์‚ฐ๋‚™์ง€ , it’s the famous lived octopus dish where you can find the octopus still moving around in the plate. Well, it's dead. Don't worry it’s clean and dead, the head is already removed too, just the legs left, but they have this motion something I don’t know. After a few minutes, they stopped moving. For some people, it might be gross, but it was okay, just like sushi actually. It tastes like... an octopus. They put olive oil and some small cubed veggies to make it.. presentable? However it was quite expensive, it costs around 15.000 won for a small plate (one baby octopus!). We also ordered two cheese fried big shrimp, haha I don’t know the name, but it was deliciouussss. Love it so much! Oh and seafood stew. It was nice as well. After that, we bought Hotteok and eat some street foods near the place. Hotteok ํ˜ธ๋–ก is a hand-sized Korean pancake filled with cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, and the best part... chopped variety of nuts!!

The next day, we ate lunch in my favorite restaurant near Suan Station to eat Cukkumi ์ฃผ๊พธ๋ฏธ. It is a fried octopus with some sauces I don’t know what but it tastes like Satay alias Sate, you name it. It comes with a light cheese pizza where you can dip in the sauce. Tastes amazing!!! They said they liked it so much and by far the best Korean dish that they like.

A few moments later, my cousin asked me “oh they served ganjang gejang ๊ฐ„์žฅ๊ฒŒ์žฅ, have you ever tried it?” “What? What is that?” “It’s a blue crab marinated in soy sauce!!! You didn’t know?” “No, never heard of it.” “Shall we order?? I really want to try it!” “Sure!” , then we ordered one for 12.000 won. It was.. weird. By the time we ate it, we just stare at each other in silence.... “omg.” “omg.” “OMG THIS IS SO GOOD” “like sushi!!!!” “Omg. What is this taste.” “I don’t know but it’s just amazing.”. So our favorite Korean dish now: 1. Ganjang gejang ๊ฐ„์žฅ ๊ฒŒ์žฅ and 2. Cukkumi ์ฃผ๊พธ๋ฏธ.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


 Related image
“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice” -Brian Herbert
Now that I see my country in a wider perspective from a far distance. I still could not fully comprehend why people keep on making war between each other, debating certain topics that should not be debated at all. A lot of people talk in a loud voice without knowledge claiming that what they do is to educate people yet it was all nothing but ignorance and an empty glass. They refuse to understand in the very first place.

I do not expect people to agree or believe what I believe, but I do expect people to do their own research. Everyone has a different background, moral, and motives which alter the way one sees something to put the pieces together for themselves. Well, it's not only about having the right answer, for it could be biased, but also asking the right question. 
"There is simple ignorance, not knowing, and willful ignorance that refuses to know, that covers the light of knowledge with the dark blanket of bias." -Elizabeth Moon
Thinking about it again, it is true that: sometimes, you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you. Let's just play it cool. As Mark Twain said, it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

I don't know if it's intelligence, 
or arrogance.

Well, I don't know, maybe I am a fool.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

My Favorite Youtube Channel (Islamic)

Halo :-) Peace be upon you.
Kali ini aku mau share channel youtube favoritku sejak dahulu kala dan alhamdulillah sampai sekarang. Semoga bermanfaat dan bisa menambah ilmu! Sebenernya pengen banget share banyak banget cuma banyak banget jadi bingung (?) hahaha lol.
"The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." -Hadith At Tirmidhi  
"It is not the knowledge who should come to you, it is you who should come to the knowledge."-Imam Malik  
"Islam is knowledge based. The more you know it, you'll love it. The less you know about it, the more you will dwindle." -Mufti Ismail Menk  
"The more knowledge (of deen) you have the more humble you should be. Instead, you are becoming judgemental." -Nouman Ali Khan

Btw try to watch at least one video, just one video, langsung klik tulisannya aja yaa terus silahkan explore sendiri. Kebetulan emang itu channelnya bahasa Inggris semua, gatau kenapa sih soalnya saya lebih prefer style da'wah dan selingan jokesnya beliau-beliau.  Favorit saya selama ini sih Ust. Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Ismail Menk, Tim Humble, Yasir Qadhi, dsb. Tapi bukan berarti yang dr Indonesia buruk ya, saya juga kadang dengerin Ust. Khalid Basalamah atau Ust. Adi Hidayat kok. 

Oh iya mau share aja, sebisa mungkin habis dapat ilmu itu ditulis atau bikin rangkumannya karena dengan begitu inshaAllah ilmu yang didapat jadi lebih nempel. Kalaupun lupa, sewaktu-waktu bisa dibuka dan pelajari lagi, apalagi kita sebagai manusia iman sering naik turun jadi tetep harus di refresh ulang biar ilmunya gak ilang. :( Aku sendiri nyiapin satu buku khusus untuk ilmu-ilmu yang berkaitan dengan Islam, entah yang didapat dari kajian langsung, liqo, atau video-video kajian. 

Kebetulan kali ini lagi pake buku hadiah dari salah satu sahabat aku, Ninis, sebelum berangkat ke Korea. Barakallah fiik ya nis, semoga yang aku tulis di buku ini bisa jadi amal ke kamu juga :-)

nyolong dari ignya ninis.
maap yak males ngedit hahahah

Kalau bingung mulai dari mana, start from the topic that interest you the most or you're curious about. Kalau dulu sih karena aku ngerasanya sudah Islam, tapi nggak mengenal Allah dan Rasulnya. Ternyata setelah tau, dan sedikit-sedikit mempelajari... mashaAllah. Gak bisa dijelaskan dengan kata-kata #ea. Salah satu cerita yang selalu sukses bikin nangis sesenggukan itu kalau udah denger hadits dan cerita waktu Rasulullah saw meninggal dunia, yang dipikirin cuma umatnya, sedangkan kita? :'(

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, "I wish I could meet my brothers." The Prophet's companions said, "Are we not your brothers?" The Prophet said, "You are my companions, but my brothers are those who have faith in me although they never saw me." Source: Musnad Ahmad 12169

Dan kita emang manusia akhir zaman, gak heran sekarang banyak banget yang udah meninggalkan agama bahkan tidak percaya Tuhan, gak papa sih itu hak masing-masing toh gak bisa maksa juga. Tapi yang perlu diingat, you're responsible for yourself. So, whatever you do, remember that you're the only one who can help yourself.

btw mau nanya nih, lebih prefer aku nulis pake bahasa Indonesia apa Inggris yak? Komen ya hahaha silent reader juga gapapa sih :( wkwk.