Thursday, January 09, 2020


Hello everyone, 

It has been months after my inactivity (yeah, school and stuff) now I would like to announce that I officially bought my domain and will be posting there from now on...

The reason why I did this is that Wordpress provides many features available that Blogspot doesn't, and of course, so that I could deliver better information and service for all of you guys!

There are still so many things that I have to learn and improve since I am new in WordPress (I should have made a WordPress account since years ago, not this, but my lazy-ass and "loyalty" to one only sometimes prevent me from doing things duh!)

This page, domain, and everything will just keep as it is because there are just so many memories from 2011... (ever since I was 12 years old, ah this made me tear up a lil' bit) but anyway, for the sake of improvement and betterment, this has to be done. *sobs*

I will always try to fulfill your request and answer questions properly this year... advice and recommendation will always be needed, so don't hesitate to send me an email or post a comment!

Email me at:

or solitudeabroad(at)

Best regards,

p.s: The posts aren't deleted, I reverted it into draft and imported them on the new website