Sunday, August 14, 2011

Golden Letter from God

Do you remember when you complain about food you have to eat?
Do you remember when you angry because no one loves you?
Do you remember when someone you like likes your best friend?
Do you remember when you don't get what you want?
What do you think, huh?

ANGRY ! Yes, you're angry.
SELFISH ! No one more selfish than you!
Hell yeah.. It's human weakness. I feel it too, sometimes I just wanna die, I'm feeling alone. Sometimes when I lost my stuff I make fail people around me. If I don't get stuff I want I will scream out loud and angry all the day. Okay I give up, I do I angry, I do I know I'm selfish.

But, don't you know? This is the way God love us, God care of us.
If we are sick, God tell us to take care of our self. And awake us if HEALTHY very important.
If we ran out of money, then we get more money than before. It make us to thank God more than before, because God give us more than before.
If someone hate you, you feeling so sad and angry. But then, God send you people more loves you. :')

I am learning to appreciate what I have.
I'm trying to learn how to love..
I need to start loving my self, because I'm the only person that will always love me back.

For me life is just look like a videogame. Sometimes we feel angry, but sometimes we feel very happy. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we bored of our life, but sometimes we wish for a longlive. Whatever happen, it must be a message from God. I called it golden letter from God.  Actually, God sent us a letter everyday, but not least we are let them dusty. Im feeling so cruel, why did I make it same like a trash?

Do you ever think that life is awesome? Life is more awesome than a videogame, 90% more awesome, oh well, 100% more awesome!
God hates people who give up.
Don't look back, don't do the same mistakes.
Be yourself, everyone is taken.