Monday, March 26, 2012

Davy Jones' Locker - Pirate Talk

Now we will have some pirate talk, no I mean... I wanna talk about pirate life! It's interesting for me..

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Davy Jones's Locker is an idiom for the bottom of the sea: the state of death among drowned sailors. It is used as an euphemism for death at sea (to be sent to Davy Jones's Locker). The origins of the name are unclear and many theories have been put forth, including incompetent sailors, a pub owner who kidnapped sailors, or that Davy Jones is another name for the devil—as in "Devil Jonah." This nautical superstition was popularized in the 19th century.

After watched The Adventures of Tintin : Prisoners of the Sun Captain Haddock, I remember when Capt.Haddock said "Davy Jones' here I come!" Who's Davy Jones? Well, I don't exactly know what's the meaning of Davy Jones' Locker. But, by the rumors, information, and book I've read, it took some words which give more curiosity.

The Land of Death Flying Dutchman Pirate 
Captain of the Ghost Ship Devil Grave in the Sea 
Dangerous Place in the Bottom of Ocean Death Treasure 
Lost in the Sea Black Sailors 

It makes me interested with pirate life! Pirate talk, treasures, ship, wrecks, that was just awesome. Pirate, which we know as a robber at the sea, they looking for treasures and go to the various ocean. I also found another term or words... Such as privateer(sailor with a letter of a marque from a government, letter of a marque is a document given to a privateer giving him amnesty from piracy laws. I don't know what's the meaning of piracy-_-), buccaneer(the term for the privateers who fought against the Spanish), corsair (this term was used for Christian and Muslim privateers in the Mediterranean between 16th and 19th centuries).

Do you know what "Avast Ye!" used for? It's a hailing phrase to indicate that the hailed must "stop" and give attention. Keel Haul? This is the act of throwing a man overboard, tied to a rope that goes beneath the ship, and then dragging him from the one side to the other and across the barnacle studded ship's hull and cause great pain and injury. I saw some movie scenes about this, this was a serious punishment.

Oh...and Jack Sparrow from Pirate of the Carribeans 5. His acting was amazing and funny... Yeah, Johnny Depp, he was the Mad Hatter too in Alice in Wonderland. Can you see the difference? Yeah, make up. But that was amazing. I was impressed...
What do you know about pirate? That would be great if we have some pirate talk.. Pirates Ahooyy!


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