Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy birthday MOM

Omg I know it's super late post! ..sorry mom
I should have posted it on March 9th 2012, but I don't have enough time to manage this blog.

Sometimes I really hate you
But I really love you as always
I love you so much
Because I know...
Wherever, whenever
You'll always there for me
Always there for support me
Whatever happen
I wish the best on your birthday
Longlife and full of laughter
Your smile....
Brighten than the sun...

Dear mom,
Your love is irreplaceable, I can't give you love as you give me.
I don't remember how does it feels when I still in your belly.
I just hear the stories from our family and friends. They said you always love me day or night. They said you always take care of me, whatever happen. No matter you're sick, you always take care of me, feed me, sing me good night song, and tell the stories. I love you as always...althought sometimes I hate you.
But I promise... I will give you the best as I can, because you worth it.
Someday... I'll make you proud! I promise mom...
I'll do my best!
Only one request...
Always beside me.
Mom, I Love You
happy mother days


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  2. salam kenal juga ya semuanya para obat-obat._.

  3. wah,,, blognya bagus ya...
    salam kenal juga dari saya,,,

  4. "i have a great mom and i love her" saya sangat suka dengan kalimat ini..

  5. Wise man said,better late then never right..we all care and love our mom,and we can express it with different ways..


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