Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sungha Jung

he's so cute >,<

Sungha Jung is a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist from South Korea. He was born on September 2nd, 1996. He had been watching his dad play the guitar for awhile before he finally jumped on it himself three years ago. He is currently taking drum lessons and teaching himself fingerstyle guitar. He used to not have tabs for the music that he played in his videos (YouTube). He just listen and pick them up directly from the sound source in videos available on the Internet. However, he have started playing with original tabs whenever they are available by courtesy of the author. As of January 1st, 2009 Lakewood(a German acoustic guitar manufacturer) acts as sponsor for his guitar officially.

I watched his videos yesterday for the first time from YouTube then directly download it. And what I can do is just gaping. He is so damn cute and his guitar playing is obviously amazing. I'm wondering if someday I could have boyfriend just like him. Hahaha, that would be so great. I'm sure all the girls who watch his video will melting...<3 This is the first video I watch yesterday and I'm currently download another videos. And I instantly falling in love...with his guitar playing. Well he's not bad actually.
Look at him. Omg...he's so charming and I can't stop staring at him hahaha. Well I don't like to say it, but he's look like my friend-_- Yesterday when I show this video to my brother, he says "Haha, so you like him, don't you?;)" Yes. I admire him because he can play guitar very well. Wondering someday someone will sings to me and propose me with songs Marry You by Bruno Mars. Lol I'm just dreaming.

This is the pic I took from his official twitter, it reminds me to Kim Bum. <3
And this is the videos when he was little, actually he's still little. And here are some videos. I really want to pinch his cheeks<3 I really enjoy those videos.

"Sungha's Guitar"
Don't you want to know what kind of guitar Sungha has been playing?
The First Guitar
When he was 9 years old, he bought a classic guitar made of plywood with his pocket money as his first guitar.It was a really coarse plywood guitar and its price was less than $60. It was like a kind of toy that was hard to tune. You can see the only song played with this guitar.
The Second Guitar
His dad was so surprised at his extraordinary skill with a toy-like guitar and decided to buy a better one. That’s Sungha’s second guitar -- a parlor guitar, Cort Earth900.
Even though it was a small-sized guitar, the size was still a problem for little Sungha.
It was not easy for little Sungha to play with bigger guitar than him. But he started playing seriously and recorded many video.
‘Akaskero’, which made him to meet Thomas Leeb and ‘Blue Moon’ with Tommy Emmanuel, was the song that he played with this guitar.
It sounded better than his first guitar, but he still needed a better guitar that would suit him well. 
BTW, it was hard to decide to make a hand-made guitar for rapidly-growing 9-years-old boy with more $1,000.
However, it was not easy for Sungha’s dad to get him a custom-made guitar, because it would cost him thousands of dollars and Sungha would soon grow out it! 
The Third Guitar
When Sungha’s dad was looking for a better guitar, one famous Korean guitar manufacturer “Selma” proposed to make the custom guitar for him.
Selma sponsored him a small-combo sized “All Spruce” model, and this became Sungha’s third guitar. 
This guitar is also recognized as ‘a signed-guitar’ by his youtube fans. The story is that Thomas Leeb and Sungha became friends after Thomas watched Sungha’s playing his arrangements and invited him to his concert. Thomas Leeb wrote on this third guitar,“Keep on Grooving, To my Friend, Thomas Leeb”. 
This guitar soon became Sungha’s best partner as well as the best friend during his skill grew most rapidly.  
The Fourth Guitar
After sponsorship of Selma guitar. Lakewood guitar company started to sponsor Sungha with their custom-made guitar from 2009. Ulli Boegershausen helped to establish this sponsorship. Nowadays, he is using this guitar. Lakewood is a reputable guitar manufacturer in Europe and Ulli Boegershausen and Peter Finger are using the guitar from this company. Lakewood made a very special guitar for Sungha that fits him perfect, and it took them almost 4 month to complete. The model is ‘Lakewood A48CP’ and its top was made of the European spruce and back/side was of Macasaar ebony. Its specification is the same as his mentor - Ulli Boegershausn’s. It has a highest quality and price in Lakewood’s line-ups. It is among the highest quality and price (5,800 euro) in Lakewood line-ups. Sungha loves this guitar so much and treat it most carefully all the time. Plus, his guitar case also is hand-made one and one of his fans in US gave him as a present. Sungha is grateful for all the people who helped him and you can feel it through his playing.  Enjoy the Lakewood sound with this song Lakewood Song

I am Sungha Jung fans now ^^ Maybe I was too late. He inspire me so much. So, what do you think about him? Isn't he adorable? You should watch his videos! Remember YOLO.
Here is Sungha's official site :




Friday, May 11, 2012

I am not

"I'm not Barbie, you are not Ken
I'm not Juliette, you are not Romeo
I'm not Elizabeth, you are not Mr.Darcy
I'm not Cinderella, you are not Prince Charming
I'm not Bella, you are not Edward
I fall for you and you fall for someone else"