Thursday, December 05, 2013

Officially Fifteen !!



Am I really that old already?

Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me another day and let me breath in this beautiful world. :)

Thank you for my parents and my brothers for waking me up at mid night. Actually they thought that I have been sleeping when I was "trying to", so when they go upstairs and went into my room I suddenly said "oh God I am gonna laughing." to be honest, and then I blew the cake, I mean the candles. I am so happy that in my fifteenth birthday beside I got hundreds of wishes I also got a video and a record! Never happened in my life, not popular one.

The happy birthday video comes from my classmates, SwekCrew. SwekCrew is idk.... Let me explain it in my point of view. Er btw I am the first fan of them, I am a Swekcrewer x) /? So they're a group of stress creative people, they do lipsync and upload it on YouTube. I don't know maybe they're obsessed with Cherrybelle. But I am so grateful that they made a video for me /wipe tears/. I just don't understand why you guys named the video with "Maaf ya Feb" (read : sorry feb). But that's ok at least you guys used Taylor Swift's song "22" as you know that I am a Swifty!!!! And I am loving the paper thingssssss especially the "nganu". Makasiiiihhh yip Mudia, Indah, Tika, and Novi YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY♡♥♡♥ Here's the video!! Yip yip yip!

Thursday, October 03, 2013


I am not stressed out, but I do love desserts.
Well um I am stressed out, I have exams next week and I am still playing !!!

Hey guys it's funny I just type "I have exams next week" on google.
And ping! *entry popped up* Someone just asked on Yahoo! Answer this question:
I have exams next week and I don't know how to prepare !? Help!!
lol silly.
Haha jk, God bless you.
/scrolling through the answers/
You just helped buddy. *even though I didn't read the entire*
Love you guys bye I have to take a breath and let my brain decide /?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Firmoo Giveaway Winners

Hey guys, the Firmoo Giveaway is now officially closed!
There were 59 valid competitors who joined, it means there will be one more lucky winner! Yay! And now I've got the name of the winners already! *ba dum tss* The winners are picked randomly by . The first and second name appear will get a free pair glasses without shipping, and the third name is the lucky one who will get a free pair glasses including shipping!!
For the winners, I'll send you email as soon as I get the codes to be used on .
By the way, thank you for everyone who joined this giveaway, I really appreciate your efforts!
So.... let me announce the winner. And the winners are......... *drumrolls*
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Two winners without shipping
#2123 Wilma Viguilla Garcia
#87 Catarina Martins

One winner including shipping
#1051 Pyon Aya

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Firmoo International Giveaway 2013! [CLOSED]

Hello my beloved readers!! And happy Swift-Day for Swifties! ^^
I recently got my left eye blurry, I might be too often use computers and mobile phones more than 2 hours per day. I just can't get rid of Twitter and games, many people can't. It's like drugs. By the way, I'm so excited because I hit 100 followers. As soon as I reached 100 followers I've planned to thank you all by hosting my very first giveaway! 

This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY until September 30, 2013, so wherever you are you can also participate this giveaway! This giveaway is sponsored by Firmoo Global Online Optical Store (click : ! I started to read some reviews from people about Firmoo. They said Firmoo is the best affordable glasses website and they satisfied with the quality, prices, and services. I thought it would be great to giving away my readers a chance to win a pair of fashionable glasses! Prescription and non prescription also available in here!

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Unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Complicated - Part 1 {Fiction}

Hello I am a grade 9 student now!!! and I am happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It's miserable and magical. So, um UN 2014 is closer... And I really have to work harder for this cause I don't want to replay the same mistakes. Pardon me of every single things I did and pray for me puh-lease :) By the way I'm so happyyyyyyyy that CHELSEA was here at Indonesia and play against Indonesia All Star at GBK. Unfortunately, I have to stayed at home and I was chanting like a weirdo as long as they play. I am not fully satisfied bcs there's no Torres, Mata, Oscar, Luiz, and other players that was playing for Confederations Cup. Oh and Lampard & Cech didn't play yesterday :( So sad. But at least I could see Hazard, Lukaku, Ramires, Ivanovic, etc. It was a good game, though not special bcs there's less of attack from Indonesia. I hope it will be another lesson so Timnas Indonesia will be better and better. The full time ended with 8 goal for Chelsea and 1 own goal for Indonesia. I just knew that the coach and one of player from Indonesia is the blues. And I really love the 3rd kit 2013/2014; it's not black. it's blue.

Blue is the color, football is the game
We're all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us through to the sun and rain
Cause Chelsea.. Chelsea is our name

Oh and by the way... I make a fiction series, the first part is down below... I'm a bit confused to name the title, so I named it "Complicated". Hehehe....


Part 1 – Freshman Year

It was a warm sunny day in September, the lights even brighter than the sun. She has been waiting for this day, a brand new day in the freshman year as a college student. She wears her best shirt and jeans, and do her brunette in side braid like Katniss Everdeen.

Kara wasn’t one of the smart and diligent one, she’s not really good at almost all subtitles. But don’t ask me how good she is in music and theatre. This university has the most famous choir and theatre club. That’s why she always waiting for this day for years because this is the only way to reach her dream.

But she still had to follow math and science classes which she hates as much as she hates burritos. “I don’t understand with this university. Why we have to learn math and science, when will you think we could use algebra in real life? Do you remember when we were taught to find the x and blah blah blah in junior high school?” said Kara while walking in rush holding bunch of books towards the class.

“Me too. I just want to be a public speaker though. You know like Ellen Degeneres! Hahaha that would be crazy, I’ll have a show called ‘Rebecca Russell Show’ every Saturday night. Make sure you don’t miss every single episodes or I’ll come to your house and make you pay!”

“Interesting. And I’ll be like ‘Oh my God! oh my God! Rebecca Russell has just visited my house ‘cause I miss one of her show’ Hahahaha!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll invite you to my show someday. Hahaha! Of course to sing your favorite songs in junior high school, ‘The Adam Higuain’ song.”

“Oh my God that nerd! I heard he went here to, didn't he?”

“Yes, and he took Natural Science which is including astrophysics, pathology, pharmacology, plant sciences, zoologi, genetics, chemistry, biochemi—wait, there he is!”

Suddenly, Kara hit a guy and the books falling. “I’m sorry I don’t know you were there. It’s heavy. Sorry.” said Kara politely—just in case if he is one of the sophomore, remember it’s their first day. The guy just glance at her. “Sorry, I am Kara Thornfield—freshman.”

“I don’t ask for your name. Stupid.” And he just walked away like nothing has happened.

“What did he want!!? Not apologize but called me a stupid instead!”

“Chill out, least he is adorable.”

“So what’s the point of being a handsome guy but has a bad attitude?!”

“I didn’t say he was handsome...”

“There’s no difference.”

“It’s 9.15, and I think we’re in wrong way, it’s History Class.”

They were in a opposite direction and ran towards the Math Class. They are really in trouble on their first day. It’s not good.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hello June! Hella BRISTALESTIC !

Hello June!
Time walks so fast huh? Well , as I always said on my last post on March, too busy at school all the time. Moreover I will have exams next weekkkk!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It's not all because I'm not ready yet, but it means I'll move to another class in grade 9 which makes me sad :(((( , counting the day, wishing the headmaster change the rules or whatevs. I'll miss them, Bristalestic, even though we can still meet everyday but it's just.... uh. Ikr I'm forget, Bristalestic is the name of my class, 8Bristalestic {Brilliant, Smart, Talented, and Fanstastic}. I loveeeeeeeeee them. *hugs*

By the way if u are one of my classmates in the previous class, then you should know why. I don't want if you then call me a selfish(even tho I am selfish) and blame me with those lies. Things you have to know are ; even though I don't want to go back to previous class doesn't mean I'm forget you, I just don't have things to say. I write this post bcs I just want them to know that I really love 'em, I do.

It was really great to meet 'em, they really know how they should be around me. Best classmate ever. I remember the very first week in 8Bristalestic, it was really quite. Really quiet. Until the second week, it was like..........asdfghjkl so awful. I remember when we held the first "gowes" (?), riding bicycle together to certain place. They were going to Candi Sambisari and went fishing together. Unfortunately, I couldn't come because my parents didn't allow me. Urggh.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Otome Games! 乙女ゲーム

Feeling so sad can't update this blog since the last post on 2012, doesn't mean I didn't check this blog. Yes, I frequently open this blog to check out who are leaving comments or who are now following me. Thanks! I've planned to publish a New Year Post but I didn't. Too lazy and too busy to sitting in front of the computer for more than an hour, it hurts my eyessss. I was having a lot of hard day, homeworks, tasks, and everything, I just can't get rid of it. I have a lot of things to tell you, but seems I can't, I lost the note. I forgot. Heheee~~~ You may didn't notice, but I have changed this blog a bit. No, not the template (will be change it soon.), not either the font or everything like that. I'm just make a decisions last week... a big decision for my entire life and the day after tomorrow, the afterlife, or whatever. I don't have to say it, just if you're notice. I wish it's a right decision.

By the way, I'm getting so addicted to Otome Games lately. Omg it drives me crazy. A lot. Right, Otome Games(乙女ゲーム otome gēmu) is a video game that is toward to a female market, where one of the main goals, besides the plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male, or occasionally female characters. It's a visual novels, which is you as the main player determine the direction of the story by choosing the option. Actually, the only thing makes me fully addicted to Otome Games beside the plot is...the admirable guys!! x)) Manga guys are cute.

The very first game I played is from Voltage, Inc, "In Your Arms Tonight" (You can download it in Play Store). Sadly, I could just play the Prologue, which is free, and I instantly addicted! It costs about $4 each character (they provides up to 6 characters). In the main story, we can choose who we can get along with, even all (but yet we still have to pay). Same as the main story, we still have to pay if we want to play the Epilogue. So, I'm going to tell you each of series I have played. *cough*