Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hello June! Hella BRISTALESTIC !

Hello June!
Time walks so fast huh? Well , as I always said on my last post on March, too busy at school all the time. Moreover I will have exams next weekkkk!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. It's not all because I'm not ready yet, but it means I'll move to another class in grade 9 which makes me sad :(((( , counting the day, wishing the headmaster change the rules or whatevs. I'll miss them, Bristalestic, even though we can still meet everyday but it's just.... uh. Ikr I'm forget, Bristalestic is the name of my class, 8Bristalestic {Brilliant, Smart, Talented, and Fanstastic}. I loveeeeeeeeee them. *hugs*

By the way if u are one of my classmates in the previous class, then you should know why. I don't want if you then call me a selfish(even tho I am selfish) and blame me with those lies. Things you have to know are ; even though I don't want to go back to previous class doesn't mean I'm forget you, I just don't have things to say. I write this post bcs I just want them to know that I really love 'em, I do.

It was really great to meet 'em, they really know how they should be around me. Best classmate ever. I remember the very first week in 8Bristalestic, it was really quite. Really quiet. Until the second week, it was like..........asdfghjkl so awful. I remember when we held the first "gowes" (?), riding bicycle together to certain place. They were going to Candi Sambisari and went fishing together. Unfortunately, I couldn't come because my parents didn't allow me. Urggh.