Friday, July 26, 2013

Complicated - Part 1 {Fiction}

Hello I am a grade 9 student now!!! and I am happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It's miserable and magical. So, um UN 2014 is closer... And I really have to work harder for this cause I don't want to replay the same mistakes. Pardon me of every single things I did and pray for me puh-lease :) By the way I'm so happyyyyyyyy that CHELSEA was here at Indonesia and play against Indonesia All Star at GBK. Unfortunately, I have to stayed at home and I was chanting like a weirdo as long as they play. I am not fully satisfied bcs there's no Torres, Mata, Oscar, Luiz, and other players that was playing for Confederations Cup. Oh and Lampard & Cech didn't play yesterday :( So sad. But at least I could see Hazard, Lukaku, Ramires, Ivanovic, etc. It was a good game, though not special bcs there's less of attack from Indonesia. I hope it will be another lesson so Timnas Indonesia will be better and better. The full time ended with 8 goal for Chelsea and 1 own goal for Indonesia. I just knew that the coach and one of player from Indonesia is the blues. And I really love the 3rd kit 2013/2014; it's not black. it's blue.

Blue is the color, football is the game
We're all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us through to the sun and rain
Cause Chelsea.. Chelsea is our name

Oh and by the way... I make a fiction series, the first part is down below... I'm a bit confused to name the title, so I named it "Complicated". Hehehe....


Part 1 – Freshman Year

It was a warm sunny day in September, the lights even brighter than the sun. She has been waiting for this day, a brand new day in the freshman year as a college student. She wears her best shirt and jeans, and do her brunette in side braid like Katniss Everdeen.

Kara wasn’t one of the smart and diligent one, she’s not really good at almost all subtitles. But don’t ask me how good she is in music and theatre. This university has the most famous choir and theatre club. That’s why she always waiting for this day for years because this is the only way to reach her dream.

But she still had to follow math and science classes which she hates as much as she hates burritos. “I don’t understand with this university. Why we have to learn math and science, when will you think we could use algebra in real life? Do you remember when we were taught to find the x and blah blah blah in junior high school?” said Kara while walking in rush holding bunch of books towards the class.

“Me too. I just want to be a public speaker though. You know like Ellen Degeneres! Hahaha that would be crazy, I’ll have a show called ‘Rebecca Russell Show’ every Saturday night. Make sure you don’t miss every single episodes or I’ll come to your house and make you pay!”

“Interesting. And I’ll be like ‘Oh my God! oh my God! Rebecca Russell has just visited my house ‘cause I miss one of her show’ Hahahaha!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll invite you to my show someday. Hahaha! Of course to sing your favorite songs in junior high school, ‘The Adam Higuain’ song.”

“Oh my God that nerd! I heard he went here to, didn't he?”

“Yes, and he took Natural Science which is including astrophysics, pathology, pharmacology, plant sciences, zoologi, genetics, chemistry, biochemi—wait, there he is!”

Suddenly, Kara hit a guy and the books falling. “I’m sorry I don’t know you were there. It’s heavy. Sorry.” said Kara politely—just in case if he is one of the sophomore, remember it’s their first day. The guy just glance at her. “Sorry, I am Kara Thornfield—freshman.”

“I don’t ask for your name. Stupid.” And he just walked away like nothing has happened.

“What did he want!!? Not apologize but called me a stupid instead!”

“Chill out, least he is adorable.”

“So what’s the point of being a handsome guy but has a bad attitude?!”

“I didn’t say he was handsome...”

“There’s no difference.”

“It’s 9.15, and I think we’re in wrong way, it’s History Class.”

They were in a opposite direction and ran towards the Math Class. They are really in trouble on their first day. It’s not good.