Thursday, December 05, 2013

Officially Fifteen !!



Am I really that old already?

Alhamdulillah, Allah has given me another day and let me breath in this beautiful world. :)

Thank you for my parents and my brothers for waking me up at mid night. Actually they thought that I have been sleeping when I was "trying to", so when they go upstairs and went into my room I suddenly said "oh God I am gonna laughing." to be honest, and then I blew the cake, I mean the candles. I am so happy that in my fifteenth birthday beside I got hundreds of wishes I also got a video and a record! Never happened in my life, not popular one.

The happy birthday video comes from my classmates, SwekCrew. SwekCrew is idk.... Let me explain it in my point of view. Er btw I am the first fan of them, I am a Swekcrewer x) /? So they're a group of stress creative people, they do lipsync and upload it on YouTube. I don't know maybe they're obsessed with Cherrybelle. But I am so grateful that they made a video for me /wipe tears/. I just don't understand why you guys named the video with "Maaf ya Feb" (read : sorry feb). But that's ok at least you guys used Taylor Swift's song "22" as you know that I am a Swifty!!!! And I am loving the paper thingssssss especially the "nganu". Makasiiiihhh yip Mudia, Indah, Tika, and Novi YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY♡♥♡♥ Here's the video!! Yip yip yip!