Thursday, January 16, 2014

Strange Goal and Aspiration

Isn't it so bad that I come here just to say hi with a lot of reason of nonstop-busy-days-at-school and then ended up saying that I will have exams? Yes. Because that's what I am gonna say. Lol no jk I just passed final term exam month ago. I mean last year, on December 2nd 2013 exactly. And in one month...two months...three months... maybe four or five months later there'll be national exam, on May 2014 . Yeah. Ikr. Oh I even forgot to say "hi", well never mind. At least that's what makes this post different with the other one. It drives me crazy too for not showing up here because knowing the visitors and statistics are decreasing gradually. By the way, happy new year! Not quite excited though.

I have some new hobbies during my inactive time here; watching animes and snailmail. I am so thankful that some of my schoolmates are otakus. I don't even know that there were pretty much otakus there, I used to know only one... two.. yeah two. No, no, no I am not otaku hehe. But I like watching some animes on YouTube and read comics. Maybe some of you don't know that I really like comics since primary school. I used to obsessed of being a mangaka, maybe in grade 4-6 after obsessed of being astronaut and scientist. Oh about that strange aspiration, I'll tell you about it below. I even asked my mom to put me in manga school and bought me tutorial books of "how to draw bla bla bla". But fortunately.. my mom said no.

I am so addicted to Japan things in primary school; harajuku, cosplay, comics, etc. But then because of something-I-don't-remember it slowly faded by time. Haha. Well never mind let's just talk about /cough/ this. So I am gonna tell you my biggest dishonor things that I should not tell you. My biggest desire. Um no. Used to be my biggest desire. /dim lighting/

1 & 2. Astronaut and Scientist
I used to think that I will be a great scientist or astronaut at 2020 or 2025. My friends even called me Professor-with-big-head-and-almost-no-hair on the first grade. I can't even. Lol no I was just exaggerating. But seriously. Seriously I bought books of astronomy and everything about that. I used to remember a lot of astronauts name. I know who was the first man landing in the moon. I know the first dog landed in the moon. I know the apollo-things/?.  I know who found the telescope. I know the spaceships and also the year. I know the story about Icarus and Daedulus and their wings. I know how the galaxy formed. And the big bang whatever. "I used to" know okay... I even almost buy telescope after doing a research on eBay and tokobagus/? /no. I even have star map/? I got free from magazine. How pity.

Ikr I am not that insane. At least I did this with my best friend. /lambaikan tangan ke Enno /lol jk :)
We did a lot of experiments from books we have. /cough/ /wearing eyeglasses/
The most-weird one is "contact aliens with math book" experiment. Howwww?? Let me show you. We did this twice, didn't we? :) Remember this, Eno? x) /isin/

After we done drawing these, we threw it outside school, and hoped the wind fly it to the space so the aliens or the martians could see it and contact us and maybe do some chit chat or tea party whatevs. Just thought that maybe one day they will contact us back with another code or anything. How weird.

You guys should understand this, because science in primary school is easy so it's one of my favorite subject. But right now since I met biology, science, chemistry, physics and those frustrating formulas. Lol I don't care. I am screwed up.

I was "sok pinter", bought this high school book when I was in fourth grade :) (I never finish it until now.)

Constellations, extraterrestrials, galaxy, big bang, aliens. I really do have an awesome childhood experience.
3. Detective or Spy
I don't really remember about this one. But I remember that I used to think that being detective is such a cool job. Imagine that you are doing this job in the name of justice!!! /fire blazing/ Even though in another side you are also risking your lives, family, and friends. And make sure that people don't know who you are. Because the enemy could be anyone and anywhere. Maybe I get inspired from Conan, Sherlock Holmes, and some spy movies. Oh, I used to did a research too and I am surfing through the internet again to get to know more about spy gears and tools :) You know invisible pen, hidden camera, gps, spy glasses, multifunction belt, laser, and those things. Can you imagine in the normal day you go to school like usual but after school you have to do a lot of secret missions against the villains? And then you go downstairs to the basement and get into a capsule that bring you to the secret room or lab or whatever. Is that... awesome? And you know the feeling when you can solve a very hard clue that brings you even closer to the answer. And you're like "I know it's gonna be this easy.". But when it's impossible to solve you'll be like "How dare you do this to me!?" /eat grass /no

4. Mangaka or Artist
Yes. As I have told you. I am not a fan though I just have a few comics, I mostly borrow or read it on some free website hahaha. Poor you.

I do love drawing even though the result mostly not like what I had expected hahahahahaha. I used to addicted so much. This things are comes because Eno, I often went to her house and painting something and ended up doing nothing. We drew on canvas or whatever.

5. Writer
I like read books of course. And I used to think that I can be a writer. I have some folders contain some stories I have wrote or the one in progress /what. Mostly are unfinished and I am not sure I will finish it because I am so dope. It's fun in the beginning and I often stopped in 30+pages or when I reach chapter 3-4 I honestly don't know what should I do with the rest of it. Too many plots and words and sentences in my head running through my scalps and crawling like pieces of nowhere. That's it.

Well that's it. I know I am weird.