Friday, March 28, 2014

Firmoo x Amortentia Spring Giveaway {worldwide} [END]

Guysss!! Spring has come and today I would like to share my second giveaway collaboration with Firmoo; world's most popular online eyeglasses store! We are giving away $150 gift cards not only one or two or three but five! Yesss there will be 5 winners to win the vouchers, each winners will get $30! And of course this giveaway is open internationally until 9 May 2014. So you have the same opportunity to win the voucher. To join this giveaway you have to do some entries in the Rafflecopter form below :

The MANDATORY entries are :
  1. Visit and tell me which glasses you'd love to win, you can start from this page including new arrivals, hot frames and classic glasses! +10
  2. Leave a Blog Post Comment! (including your name, e-mail address, the link of glasses, and your country) +10
Additional entries (optional) :
More entries will give you more chances to win! ^^
  1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect +10
  2. Like Firmoo Facebook Page . +5
  3. Follow @febiolaurora on Twitter. +5
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  6. Tweet about this giveaway !  Join Firmoo x Amortentia Spring Giveaway for 5 winners by @Firmoo and @febiolaurora  or you can use your own words but don't forget to mention us :) (you can do it once everyday and make sure you come back to put your entry here) +5
  7. Share this giveaway in your blog! +10 (you can use any languages)
  8. Subscribe this blog via e-mail. +2
  9. Put this banner on your blog +10

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1. This giveaway is open worldwide! Make sure your country is located within Firmoo's range of their delivery, you can check it here. (the link also give you detail information about shipping & postage)
2. To get more information about how to place your order, click here.
3. The giveaway starts from today and ends on May 9, 2014 at 12:00AM.
4. Photos are taken from and Firmoo Facebook Page.
5. Don't forget to put comments as validate.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Surviving High School : Mean Girls

If you watch movies and read teenlit, young-adult, or whatever-- you must have ever seen the popular girls dominate the shool, wearing short short skirts, amazing hair, make ups, cheerleading and of course hot guys around them. So, a few weeks ago I was so bored and I decided to looking for something that could make me sorta--um happy? I was scrolling through the app store and typed "school" because that's what comes first in my mind. There was this one app named "Surviving High School" and I was curious. The cover were girls and guys in high school uniform. Idk if it was a game at first so I was like is high school life is that hard so as we need pocket instructions on how to survive. Like are we in hunger games or what. And I downloaded it. I realize that its a sort of otome games (read my post about otome games here) in western version. 

Just like the other games we have to submit our name or your whatsoever name (I typed my real name as I know that the game will set my name during the game). Oh and by the way it's not the "Surviving High School" game by EA. This one is abal-abal version gitu deh grafiknya. pft. I was thinking that I wil play as nerd and anti-social one and then get bullied by the popular girls and be like forever alone or maybe get along with another nerds and then fall in love and then we're gonna married and live happily ever after with two cute son and daughter with tons of books and tea to fill our lonely days on the rest of our lives with our grandchilds running and playing around in our weary old house as we sit on the rocking chair and will be dead and the story ends. Or for the worst ended up in suicide bcs they're so--ugh.

I was right. My avatar was wearing some old nerdy glasses and old fashioned-green top and three-quarter pants. The hair was tied in ponytail. And I was like thanks God this game really knows what happen in social teen life these days.

In the first day of school, my virtual dad--he has very thick mustache and half bald-- drove me to school. I walked down to the headmaster room, he said that I will be accompanied by the senior who will be my guide. I was wondering about cute guy and then we're gonna fall in love to each other. No. Hahah. I was one hundred percent wrong. It was a weird looking guy in black t-shirt, he seems never comb his hair bcs it covers his eyes and he was talking like a narcotics addict. As I was going to introduce myself he gave me the school map and said "We will never ever be friends." and he left. He is so nice, isn't he? :)

So I met two friends near the tree(?) they're unpopular and dumped. But really they're so nice they helped me to changed the way I look and in secs I turn to be somewhat pretty. Until I met the group of popular girls in cheerleaders costume walking towards me and they said I look nice, they said I remind them to certain celebrity like what. And without any chit chats they invited me to join them. I was going to say no right in front of their face. But I don't know why the system seems like forced me to make me join theeeemmmmmm so now I am a part of them. And break my promise with my real friends. I am feeling so guilty at that time.

And then well the story starts going to be weirder and weirder. I met cute guy and then we're like fall in love. But one of the school weirdo tells the whole school that I am now his girlfriend. And skip skip skip those problems,there we go a prom night and I was so mad that idk whatever bye the story is just so weird I ended up being the leader of the popular girls, I dumped bunch of loyal friends which makes me feeling so guilty at that time, and I was being so mean to people, and the cute guy went up with me and everything goes perfectly like the hell is happening. Bye this is the worst game I've ever played.