Saturday, June 20, 2015


"I could feel my blood rushing in my veins ever since I did some tense plot every time I leaped and transformed my own to a light gray werewolf in order to fought couple of dhampirs through plots just in front of rectangle-shaped flat board called technology and smartphone."

It started when I decided to jump onto role player world again, I don’t exactly remember the date but it was on 2014… two years after my long-time inactivity after being neglected by being so busy to prepare the national exam. I am not going to tell you those dark times because it’s shameful and full of embarrassing things. I was an active loner solo role player (I said solo player like it was MMORPG lol) until I decided to join one of the western agency with dark conceptual themed. It was because I got no friend on the regular account because people were bored and they finally decided to deactivate and left rpw back then. And because I am pretty much thinking there was any beneficial conversation, like I said it was just a waste of time there. And it felt like I was talking to none but spider-webs scattered all over the timeline.

The agency was Lux Lucis Academy. I knew I’d probably being in danger if one of the members saw this post, you, yes you… you probably will go like “oh so this is the real life of that evil wicked girl I used to have a plot with”. I am… let me just reveal my name, I was Ivory...Ivory Genevieve. I was the girl behind the rude, sarcastic, wicked werewolf. But that’s unimportant, though. So I came up with Isabelle Fuhrman as my visual because she did great when she was being Clove on The Hunger Games, I want people to capture her personalities she had when she acted as Clove. And hell yes I thought I have succeeded being one because some people getting annoyed by my cynical behavior—by me, keep on character and less oot (out of character). I mean, what is wrong with that, it was only a role player world, right? You decide :). It was astonishing being a role player, and also because this agency wrapped in a really neat concept.

Being in this agency had uplifted my view towards unimaginable fantasy things. Like… after reading fantasy, sci-fi genre books I'd probably just ended up to kept it to myself. But since then, I was grateful I finally had someone to share with. I had always thought  that I’d prefer to live in a fake world which has less fake people while the real life is such a contradiction. The sad truth had been told. And the soul inside my body agreed. I could feel my blood rushing in my veins ever since I did some tense plot every time I leaped and transformed my own to a light gray werewolf in order to fought couple of dhampirs through plots just in front of rectangle-shaped flat board called technology and smartphone. Um…it was Twilight and Teen Wolf like actually. No, don’t mention GGS please ugh.

"At the age of 18, she transforms into a werewolf on the event of a new full moon. The choice of her name alludes to her pure-blood werewolf. She is a wolf with light gray fur; known as her intelligence, highly manipulative, and dainty physique. She used to live with her grandmother before she was sent to Lux Lucis Academy, her parents died 3 years after she was born cause by something unexpected which anyone could never tell. You could see the pain by looking through her green eyes. She tends to spend her days in the library or just stay at her dorm rather than walking around."

Just to recall a few things, I was being skeptical towards everyone because I found it challenging in peculiar ways. Every time after school, I've always wanted to tweet, "//plot? anyone?" that line was my kind of amusement to escape from a bunch of deceit truth in life back then. Sooner I've becoming that kind of girl who smirks a lot each time I found something to be smirked at- like an implied victory. They're all good- um no, good is a really ordinary word to describe them- they were amazing. Um no, startlingly impressive is way better. I even keep wondering why they could even write such a breathtakingly plots each time, and I wasted my 30 minutes of thinking what shall I wrote next.

In the deep woods, I was having such a deep argument with a stinky half vampire or dhampir, she was a blonde. Now you know why. No, I am not trying to be racist. I could tell that she was good enough in this smirk game too. She was- inevitable. Everyone likes her. They do. But she was kinda- crossed the rude-limit line. She was far more-rude than you would ever imagine. "If I wanted to kill you, I would've done that." she said. Even if I put it on a scale of rudeness, that'd probably only got 3 out of 10. Rather than that, she could be really sweet- as she was bent over backward just to be nice, that was a hard thing to do.

She was all good. That girl mastered in a long-paragraphs game, she got such an intellectual mind to be brought off everywhere, like every single time you have something to be solved-just ask her right away. She has easily conquered any guy she liked-or girl (I am laughing so hard that I cried). Just kidding. She wasn't that good, I was being excessive towards everything.

It was the three of us. But I don't know why, now it's only the two of us. She was a really great friend, or still. We often stuck in a really deep conversations that I wished I could bring it back right now just to finish the last line I ruined with my incoherently jokes. I cannot stand in seriousness, in the end I will always threw some jokes that came out of nowhere and burst in a laugh of nothing.

She was having her 17th birthday on 31 May, and I honestly-with due respect, I don't remember that it was her birthday. I don't even remember that a dhampir could even have a birthday?! Well, we are so far, that our apparent-friendship-only-connected-by-internet had brought us to today, even though it is not as far as 1718 miles you got there:))) So, as a fast thinker I decided to abandoned your for only 3 days and see how you would react, well...because I couldn't give you any surprises or else, I decided to write you such a long paragraphs because that's the only thing that could make you happy (Because geez no I don't want to send you my childhood pics or cats like the guy you used to talk with right there who could light up your whole day). But... It's turned out far as I had imagined. Because I had 9 days exam and I got no time (-or am I too lazy?) to write such a long paragraph. And here I am... the twentieth of June. I ended up neglected you for more than two weeks. And it's so funny how you will always message me, "Ipo" "Po, you mad?" "What happened", ahahahahha now it makes sense. I honestly disgusted but I was amused at the same time. Well, I am not trying to be sweet. Not at all. I am just in the mood of writing such a long paragraphs. And I am not going to wish you a happy birthday 'cause that'd be old-fashioned. Thank you Tasya for being such a really great friend since whatever, have a great nightmare!