Sunday, September 20, 2015


How's life been? No, no, it has nothing to do with the picture above nor the title, but I adore Haruki Murakami (村上 春樹) as much as his books~ which I believe is his soul as one. I probably not a poet or literature geek who has a thousand of collection and etc etc, but my huge admiration and honor towards classic literature may be bigger (or it takes the most) than modern writings nowadays. Classic literature has something that you can't find in any other genres, like it has its own true soul. Something called honesty and sincerity. There's something way bigger than it looks, hiding between every pages of solitude or between the spaces in one and another words. Something lighter than the air. Clearer than the water. Something that I couldn't describe in words. Something that are magical when you look upon the lines. Something that carried you away. Inevitably.

Nonetheless you might be asking why do I seem to use some Japanese characters here. Honestly I also have huge gigantic massive colossal excessive interest in languages. J'aime les langues! Exactly. For me, language is like a gate to another version of the world. You're not only going to learn how to speak or write in another language, but you also understand their way of thinking. Because when you speak in another language, it is like you switch some parts in your brain to their way of thinking. So I think language is amazing. Some people even consider me as a weirdo because I like to switch language when I speak, the words and phrases I personally don't understand myself. 私の友人に、ごめん. I just love how it sounds. Yesterday I thought that I should try to write in another languages other than English in order to improve my writing skill. My English isn't good either I recognize a lot of mistakes (it happens every single time I dare myself to read my previous posts, I forever be like "ew, what was I thinking!? Why do I write such things" and etc etc), but I'd like to try French and Japanese too as I believe that practice makes perfect, I hope so? I would love to write in Arabic, Russian, or a little German. But mind would completely messed up. Please tell me if I make mistakes!

Forthrightly, language is difficult. I want to cry sometimes.  あの。。。なかないIt's true that "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." thanks to bunch of animes, tv shows, and games that light up the whole day and keep remind me how important languages are. Beside that I really want to study abroad (beaucoup!), another goal of mine is to be able play online games in Japan server and to watch animes without subtitles. Sounds horrible, ne? Pas étonnant, je suis bizzare. Anyway there'll be mid-term exam this monday (time is running so fast, huh?) and that means games  and movie marathon all day long I have to study for the best. Bye.

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