Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Ties That Bind 絆(きずな) (ENG-JP)

I am currently on my school vacation since last week. But school starts next week also! I wonder how time flies way too fast, somehow I want to be a little kid again. It's less than four days before new year's though. However, yesterday I spent my two days with my old friend from grade 10/X6, beloved ones, at 23-24 December 2015 in a villa in Kaliurang.  By the way, from now on, I will try my best to write blog posts in multi languages. Today, I will write in English and Japanese in order to practice my writing, well it's not the same though because I am still confused, so please be advised! I would be very happy if you want to correct my mistakes! ^^

私は今学校休みにいます先週まで来週からです!"はやくですね~ どうして?!" というおもいます、 こどもたちなりたいですよ。それは4日以内の新しい年前。 それでは昨日、2015年12月23-24日、私は友人とは2日間山に行ってきました。彼らは等級10からの私の友人です。ところで、今から、 私は多言語で記述します。今日、私は英語と日本語で記述します、書き込みを練習しますだから!え-と。。。それは同じではありません。私はまだ混乱しています!そう助言してください。私の間違いを修正おねがいします。^^

Two days are too short for us, but we had a really good time! The weather was quite breezy and cool because it is located in a mountain, it was raining in the evening and the fog covered almost the entire place so we had to play inside. First, just so you know, we aren't in the same class anymore, but still they're like the best I had ever known. We may argue and fight over little things sometimes, but, isn't it a normal thing in every friendship? Love and hate are pretty much same thing, right?

二日には、私たちのためには短すぎます。しかし、我々は本当に良い時間を過ごしました!それは山に位置しているので、天気が非常にさわやかでクールでした。夕方に雨が降っていました、霧もありました!それほど、家で遊んでいましたね。まず、ちょうどあなたが知っているので、私たちはもう同じクラスではありません。私たちは主張し、時には少し物事を戦うことがあります。友情にこれは正常でしょうか? 愛と憎しみは、ほとんど同じことです。正しいですか?

Oh my God. I just only wrote two paragraph but the energy required doubled up! I don't know if it would be this hard. By the way, thank you for the memories. May next year will be better and better.


p.s : I wanted to share the pictures but I haven't got it, however I'll keep this updated. / 私は、写真を共有したいと思ったが、私はそれを持っていません。しかし、私はこれが更新しておこう。


  1. Yup...I want to go back too as a little kid with my brigth eyes :D

  2. wah nikmatnya bsia banyak bahasa.... jng lupa bahasa arab juga belajar feby biar lengkap....

  3. Your english was good . but it needs a little bit of "emotions" in it . Show some feeling in it at least a photos , In psychology , photos are very permanent thing that we should share without words but with photo's + emoticon + writing = it will keep on memories for the readers like me . No worries , what you did in here are good . Btw your nihongo is little bit backward . Haha . I don't have nihon keyboards but I will try a lil bit of trick know that Japanese does not have an alphabet . So The squiggly symbols you see in Japanese writing are actually a syllabary. That means that each symbol generally represents one syllable. This is different to an alphabet, in which each letter or group of letters represents one single sound. So if you tried to said “ni” They get an extra symbol, tagged on to indicate the final n sound . Well most of all thing . You’re doing almost perfect , but your nihongo are better than me ! bcs not everyone can separate between hiragana n kanji . keep it up with a good works (^_^)

    My blog link -> Syamsid Blog - >

    1. Whoaaa thank you so much! I really appreciate this kind of comment, I've always love criticizes. Yess,I didn't put too much emotion if I write in Japanese too,cause I need to think for the words in Japanese. I am still very poor in Japanese, I self taught for 2 months, I will work harder! 頑張りますから. ありがとうございます!^^

    2. Thanks for your comment at my blog as well . Whatever you did , you must keep it in mind that "dua and efforts" , when both mix up together , in shaa Allah , you'll achieve more than what you did now . Ganbarou ! :) . Btw I just realised that you're from indonesia . Haha . I'm from malaysia but I'm studying at National University of Singapore . How old are you actually ? Haha (^_^)

    3. Yes, dua and efforts is the most important thing. Inshaallah.
      Study abroad at Singapore, eh? That's amazing! Early 17 since last December, grade 2- High School ^^

    4. What ! 17 you were so young and you have a pretty face too ! I believe thare's a lot of man out there really likes you . Haha I'm 21 y'old , I feel like I'm Old already !. haha damn !

    5. Thank you alhamdulillah, rabbi hadza min fadhli rabbi.
      No no no, another women are sooo soo much better!
      21 is not really old though, I have a Korean friend too and he is 25! Age isn't a matter when we can have good friendship and of course, good talks!^^


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