Sunday, January 10, 2016

Serenity Radiance

Have you ever wondered
About the howling wind
Whistling sound encircles the horizon
Alpha and omega waves
Embrace soothing heats
Weeping thunder in a form of rains
And the metaphors within
And all above
Are for the beauty of wanderlust



  1. You really do have a writing skills ! , My roommates also from Indonesian , he just read your blog "Wow this girl really good in English writing skills" , even my japanese roommates also said your nihongo almost perfect" . Well then you should aim for abroad studies to japan after this n that's should be fun hehe :D / btw Goodjob

    1. I don't know that a comment can be this powerful, it really made my day! Thank you so much.
      Anyway, it must be fun to study abroad like you and have roommates from different countries.
      I'll try, I can wait for the day to come! ^^

  2. waaa jangan jago2 dongg terpesona nih:"))) wkwk XD kamu masih SMA kah?:o atau udah kuliah? orang jogja juga yaaa?

    1. ga jago sama sekali rat! :")
      SMA! Iyaaa, yuk meet up! ehehhe

  3. kayaknya ada kosakata baru yg butuh dic erna tapi kece... kok jadi bikin belajar lagi T.t sedih bodohnya kalo g paham basaha arab bahasa inggris ahhh bodoh deh... bahasa kudu number one buat generasi selanjutnya....


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