Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Acrostic Constellations

I often found myself gazing at Orion constellation, 
mumbled "There he is, the great hunter," 
you must be trustworthy, holds the story of million years

And I will follow my finger 
traced the big bear in the northern hemisphere, 
"Don't you miss your minor, Sir Ursa Major?"

Or if I am lucky enough, 
I can see our little barred spiral Milky Way galaxy among other galaxies, 
hundred light-years across

Ah, what about the shooting star? 
I know... it is just a glimpse of stardust, 
one miles away across my dirty lenses

And at times our eyes whirred comet-like 
Tracing its way to the wise constellations, 
like the entire atmosphere of Venus blows across the face of the planet in 4 days

I am afraid that I have loved the stars too fondly
To be fearful of the night
That it can leads to a self-destruct

Maybe John Green was right,
No one could ever fathom their thoughts into constellations
For Jupiter has promised Saturn

I wish I was as beautiful as my middle name, Aurora
much like an aurora borealis geomagnetic storm
I thought it was daringly magical, a touch of beautiful smitten
Though I am not

[23.2.2016-00.09 p.m]

**author's note
idk whether i can call it a poem or not,
i will never stop amazed by the beauty of the entire universe,
and my words will never be enough to describe nor express my endless amazement. 
mashaAllah. i am grateful...

Saturday, February 13, 2016

I met Kamen Rider OOO and Attack on Titan Cast!! / 仮面ライダーオーズと新劇の巨人を会いました!!


2月9日に私は渡部秀(わたなべしゅう)を会いました! 「ちょっと。。。Febby、彼は誰ですか?」どこからともなく誰かが言いました。へえ!彼を知りませんか? じゃ~リプレイしましょう!

私は。。。仮面ライダーオーズを会いました!「うーわ!! あの。。誰ですか?」勝手にしろ!「何がこの女の子とは...」私はあなたが聞こえるよ。じゃ!渡部秀は仮面ライダーオーズと新劇の巨人の俳優です。仮面ライダーオーズの英語中で、彼は火野 映司(ひのえいじ)です。変身!その間、新劇の巨人の映画中ではフクシです!かっこいいね~ 本当ですか?本当に!!昨日は彼を会いました~!本当に本当に本当に!夢を見ていないですよ!笑 「やめる!」
I met Watanabe Shu on February 9th!! "Umm..Febby, who is he?" said somebody out of nowhere. Heee! You don't know him?? Well, let me replay~
I...met Kamen Rider OOO! "uwaaa~! um.. who's that?" Go away! "Geez..what is with this girl." I can hear you tho. Well! Watanabe Shu is an actor in Kamen Rider OOO and Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) movies. He was Hino Eiji in Kamen Rider OOO! Henshin!!(re: transformation) Meanwhile, in Attack on Titan he was playing as Fukushi who was a new recruit for the Survey Corps. Cooooollll ain't it? I met him yesterday, for real. Really really really!!  It wasn't a dreaaaaam ! Stop it.

Attack on Titan main characters (anime)
Some characters didn't appear in the Live Action
Watanabe Shu as Fukushi in AOT Live Action
Takeda Rina and Watanabe Shu
私は彼に日本語を話しました。でも、私の日本語はまだ悪いので、それはとても恥ずかしい事だった!私は映画についての彼に自分の感想を話しました。その後、彼は 「楽しかった?」と言いました。ああ!私も彼に水原 希子大ファンだということを言いました。しかし、私の愛はレヴィアッカーマンのためにまだ大きいです!私はあまりにも彼に言っている必要があります!(ライブアクションにはレヴィ・アッカーマンはありません. きらいだから!T_T) 彼のディンプルがとてもかわいいです。とてもかっこよかった。私たちが話していたとき、私のお母さんは写真をとりました。びっくりしました!写真はよく見ますね~私は後悔しています。

 We spoke Japanese yesterday, but it was so embarrassing because my Japanese is still so bad. Like, so bad. Trust me. I perhaps sounded like a squeaky squirrel. I told him about my feelings towards the movie and then he asked me whether it was fun or nah. And I forgot the other conversations because I was too nervous. Oh! I also told him that I am a big fan of Mizuhara Kiko. But my love for Levi Ackerman is waaaaay bigger than that. I should've told him that too! (Too bad that there is no Levi Ackerman in the live action. Haaaaayt it.) His dimples are so cute!! I can't help it like really..he was kakkoii~ Cooler in person. I was so surprised too because my mom took pictures of us while we were talking. And it turned out good! 

LEVIIIIIIII!!! *nosebleed*

Quite embarrassing.
次の日、私は彼と一緒にボロブドゥール寺院に行く必要がありますが、学校がありました!悲しいЩ(º̩̩́Дº̩̩̀щ) しかし、彼は私のお母さんに署名をくれました。本当にありがとうございます!私たちは、変身ポーズでし持っている必要があります!またすぐにお会いできたらうれしいよ!その時によって、私の日本語が改善されました!笑 

The next day, I should have go to Borobudur Temple with them but there was school so..you know what happens next. Buuut, he then gave a signature for me to my mom! I didn't expect it. Thank you soooo much!! I regret..we should have did the henshin pose! T_T
I am so glad to meet you, and I hope we can meet again someday (in Japan)!! And I hope by that time, my Japanese has improved!! kkkk

変身!Henshin!! kkk was that batik? now you've bought that on ur own! (anyway, what year was that? xD)

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Black Coffee

"The way I dove, starved all the fears and tasted all the thoughts I kept coiled beneath my bones. The way that bitterness flows through my dry throat. That's what I used to."

The door swung open as I walked in leading my tired feet to a vintage looking coffee shop. I always come here every Sunday, at least twice a month. The waitress knew I'd come here and they will always have prepared a cup of green tea latte on their table with my name already written on it. I asked them why and they told me so that they can give it as soon as I come.

"Green tea latte, as always. Right, Miss?"

"I would like a black coffee today. No sugar."

Her eyes grew bigger, trying to confirm what I just said. "No sugar, Miss? You've always had green tea latte." She let out a chuckled. I smiled and nodded a yes. "Okay then. Size?"

"Tall venti in a grande cup. Please."

I've never had coffee in 17 years. I never liked the taste of coffee, I've never used to it. It is too strong and bitter for my tongue. I've always ordered a green tea latte with half cup of sugar, it was much much too sweet than bitter. It tasted more like a honeydew melon or something, but it was actually a green tea after a few sip. I don't know why do I am feeling like to have a black coffee, I am feeling like today is different and I should have something different.

"Black coffee, no sugar?" She looked unsure and frowned her thick eyebrows, feeling as worried as I may see. I arched a smile trying to look as obvious as I could until she felt assured enough and put it on my table along with a book I just bought and left. I gulped and eyed my first cup of coffee warily, a black coffee with no sugar to be precise. The fear filled my empty stomach and it fills me with a very hesitant feelings. I checked the clock, 12:17, I was waiting for the small needle reach the twelve as I put my earphones on, lifted the cup. Weary with the burden of long-closed eyes, I took a sip with my eyes closed. And slumber. Exhaustion.

"....내 ì ˆë§ê´€ ìƒê´€ì—†ì´. 
무심하게도 ì•„침은 ë‚  ê¹¨ìš°ë„¤...."

Roasted, ground, and brewed. It was rather breathtakingly beautiful. I like coffee, much better with no sugar in it. It was dark, bitter, and warm. I thought maybe it was a ritual of the cup, the spoon, the hot water, and the little heap of brown grit, the way they come together to form a nail I can hang the day on. It's something to do between being asleep and being awake. Now I know why people start their day with a morning coffee, how it makes me think about people, memories, and solitude in a form of tempted steam. For them who has no courage, that some feeling are left unexpressed. Remain silent and unsaid. 

The way I dove, starved all the fears and tasted all the thoughts I kept coiled beneath my bones. The way that bitterness flows through my dry throat. That's what I used to.