Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Acrostic Constellations

I often found myself gazing at Orion constellation, 
mumbled "There he is, the great hunter," 
you must be trustworthy, holds the story of million years

And I will follow my finger 
traced the big bear in the northern hemisphere, 
"Don't you miss your minor, Sir Ursa Major?"

Or if I am lucky enough, 
I can see our little barred spiral Milky Way galaxy among other galaxies, 
hundred light-years across

Ah, what about the shooting star? 
I know... it is just a glimpse of stardust, 
one miles away across my dirty lenses

And at times our eyes whirred comet-like 
Tracing its way to the wise constellations, 
like the entire atmosphere of Venus blows across the face of the planet in 4 days

I am afraid that I have loved the stars too fondly
To be fearful of the night
That it can leads to a self-destruct

Maybe John Green was right,
No one could ever fathom their thoughts into constellations
For Jupiter has promised Saturn

I wish I was as beautiful as my middle name, Aurora
much like an aurora borealis geomagnetic storm
I thought it was daringly magical, a touch of beautiful smitten
Though I am not

[23.2.2016-00.09 p.m]

**author's note
idk whether i can call it a poem or not,
i will never stop amazed by the beauty of the entire universe,
and my words will never be enough to describe nor express my endless amazement. 
mashaAllah. i am grateful...


  1. im lost in your words. seriously im in love with your poem or.. whatever you called it ^^

    anyway, thanks for your visit. i hope we can talk more in the future. salam kenal dari malaysia :)

    1. whoa reallyyyy thank you so much! I love poems and classic literature.. but lately Lang Leav has been my favorite these days lol^^

      Sure, I hope we can be friends as well xx

    2. GREAT POEM!! Really love it :DD <3<3
      anyway, thanks again to visit my blog. :))


    3. thank you Chippeido! (I don't know how to call you :'))
      It is absolutelyyy fine, you have a really great blog, that's why!

  2. Hi i hope we can be friends xoxoxo


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