Friday, March 11, 2016

30-Day Blogging Challenge!

Recently I just deleted some of social media one by one, you might realize that there is only my e-mail on contact section, I am no longer using Twitter and Facebook after the moment I realized know about, when you upload something on the stays there forever (I don't know how to say about it but the thoughts of it creeped me out lol), even though I am still using Instagram. I want to get rid of social media slowly and living my life completely, despite the fact that I will always keep e-mail and blog! Well, that's simply because I love writing and stuff. I've always wanted to do a 30-day-challenge-whatsoever since ages but keeping up a challenge for 30 days straight is not an easy thing to do, that's the main reason why it was always delayed. I did the questions challenges a few times, but a 30-days challenge...I've never give it a try. Only hearing its title makes me sweating already.

But, since I spend my time again on blogging earlier (oh I forgot to tell you that it's a week holiday, short-term indeed), I think it would be great if I do something different or challenging... so I thought why don't I give it a go and see if I can make it? So here I am! I am gonna do the 30-day blogging challenge!! It means I am going to post any post related to topic above on a daily basis in 30 days straight. Yay! I'll try as hard as I can to post anything every. single. day. in. 30. days. straight. God! It sounds tiring. But I am pretty sure it is worth the try!! Basically, the 30-day blogging challenge list above is a compilation of the challenges I found on internet and you're likely to find similar things, I just edited some parts. As the [Day 1] post comes up, it means the challenge has just started. Anyway.. anyone can join this challenge so if you're interested in doing this 30-day challenge, please let me know and comment below!

Have a good day, xx


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