Monday, March 28, 2016

[Day 2] Stuff I am not good at (and that's ok)

Stuff I am not good at means...basically, my weaknesses? There's sooooo many things I am not good at and sometimes I am feeling like extra-useless and be like "did you forget your promises for self-improvements?!". I'll be like rushing to do this and that and the next day I be like, "catch up later.", or "nah, just, not now.", "it's raining. my blankets are missing me. i knew it." and goes to "what a lovely sunny day, i'd rather go to sleep." and bunch of lines like that. 

To not being lazy is like the hardest game ever, I know it's everyone's major problem, maybe the 97% of the world's population. The rest 3% are just super rare and unique and congratulations you guys are so lucky can I be you!? 

Seeing someone else is crying, I'll cry too without any specific reason in all of sudden. Somebody, could you please explain me why and please tell my eyes to stop pouring salty-waters just by seeing others cry.

Eat a lot and gain weight. I am that type of people who eats like an elephant but my body keeps looking like a peppero or pocky stick. You're welcome. (I want to gain at least 5 kgs more but it's so hard for the sake of healthiness)

Staying clean and tidy, this. This, I TRY SO HARD TBH. I might have cleaned it on a day with all the energy and all might I have left, but the next day it will come back again to a super chaos. A wrecked ship and stuff. Clothes, bread crumbs, water bottle are everywhere. Books and paper are scattering all over the floor. And my mom be yelling, "why no one help me" and "we don't raise you to create a titanic honey"

I am not good at doing just one thing. It's hard to just focus on one thing. Multi-task. I like multitasking and I read on certain sources from the internet that it's not good to multitasking, doing one thing at a time is much much better to keep yourself on track, they said. 

Being on time. I like to endure and this is where most of the problems lie. Time-management is like the most crucial thing in the world and I am trying so hard at this but whyyyy myself why

Of all the things I am not good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most understanding. And really, people, we should stop spending our time wondering why we're not good enough. Everyone have the things they're not good at, and that's okay! ^^

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