Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcoming August

It had been two weeks since school started on June 18th. Now, I am on my last year in high school, twelfth grade. I really don't have any idea of what should I write now, so I am just gonna tell you some random things like I always did. Hahahahhahahaha. I know, sorry. Anyway, for anyone who asked me about what are my future plans, as I am a twelfth grader now, sorry that I prefer to keep it to myself (and some closest friends) because I feel comfortable that way. And I think it's not really that important for you to know as it won't significant for you. Why and what would you like to know anyway? I wonder.

OH! I didn't post on July...I forgot. Happy Eid Mubarak for everyone!! So sorry that I didn't post anything Islamic related, something that I should've did.... I was so busy having quality time with my family in Jakarta, and I also met my main biatch for the very first time. Errr nah...not gonna tell you anything about this today. I miss you guys soooooo soo much. I forgot what happened in the past weeks. Gotta recall some more. I am so sad that Ramadhan passed quickly that I felt as if I wasted so much time. I prayed that Allah will give me another chance to live in the next next nexttttt Ramadhan with all of you. I love you guys so much.

It's a lie.


I started a new journal lately and I am so happy about it that I felt as if it gives such powers to keep me motivated. I love it so much that its covers are in tiffany blue and maroon. The papers are kraft paper if I am not mistaken, and I can use watercolors as it is pretty thick. I am planning to show you, but I am too lazy to take photographs. Maybe later. I said maybe. I've also been reading quite some books lately, not so many that you still can't consider me as a book nerd yet. I've also been planning to write book reviews to keep me remember what I just read...planning...but ya know. 

*walks away as I sniffing books*


  1. Nice post :) Thanks for commenting at my blog. I followed you, maybe you can follow me back too.

  2. Nice post :) Thanks for commenting at my blog. I followed you, maybe you can follow me back too.

  3. Hi! nice to meet you!
    Aku kelas 12 juga sekarang. Semangat terus ya.
    Aamiin, semoga ramadhan tahun depan bisa ketemu lagi.

    Engg... so sorry, i just speak few english, because my english is bad :)

    1. Hiii Halima!!
      Santai aja aku juga masih belajar heehheh xD
      Semangat juga Halima kelas 12nya!!

      Btw terimakasih sudah follow dan berkunjung :D

  4. Ini mau komen pake bahasa Inggris pasti ngaco artinya. Pake bahasa Indonesia aja deh.

    Pertama, makasih udah berkunjung ke blogku. Ternyata kita seangkatan. Yeaaay. Semoga kita masuk PTN tahun ini. Aamiin.

    1. Hehehe santai aja Robby!
      Samasamaaa.. aamiin!
      Terimakasih ya


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