Saturday, October 08, 2016

OPSI 2016 Experience: Unexpected

*Take a deep breath* It has been awhile...I guess. Time flies so fast that it's October already. It has been pretty hectic at school, since I am a last year student already. It means next year I'll have a national exam and college entrance exam and bunch of other language exams I volunteered to take because languages are lyffff. So people how are y'all? Life is interesting indeed! It contains unexpectable ups and downs. Today I'd like to share my personal experiences after I got the chance to experience another research competition with a bunch of amazing people this year! Yes, proud of  being an Indonesian. Well, I just hope that no one scolds me for writing this in English and called me sok inggris or sok apa whatsoever or being a grammar nazi while I was talking about my pride as being Indonesian. Does speaking in English to show the world that you’re proud of being the people of your country considered as a betrayer? un-nationalist?

Thursday, 22nd September 2016, second-last day of mid-term exam.
I threw my body on the couch as soon as I arrived at home. I don’t remember the exact time, but the long needle was pointing to number five when I reached my phone to check the notifications and calls. My friend, a research partner—Dinda, sent me a text message “Feb, gatau harus bersyukur apa gimana. LOLOS OPSI FEB-___- (Feb, I don’t know whether I should be grateful or what. QUALIFIED ON OPSI FEB-___- *terjemahan ngawur hehe*)”. And I was like...what the heck is opsi. There was silence. ...Five minutes later, I found myself running and jumping unconsciously in the living room while I still am holding the phone in my hand, half awake.

“What even? Are you going crazy?” “OPSI mah!!@#!$” In which my mom has zero idea what OPSI is. So do I. Truth is, I’ve never thought about research ever again, honestly, for my focus was on languages these months. I don’t even think that we will make it through it since we thought it was over since last month so probably we just didn’t make it. BUT MIRACLE HAPPENS. I mean...Allah’s will!

There was one more team from my school, so it will be the four of us. So we contacted our school’s counselor, fix this fix that, check documents and that. In Saturday we were told that there will be a counseling/TC as DIY team for four days from Monday to Thursday. Friday will be the only free day, in which in that day we will pack stuff and make sure we didn’t miss any single thing. And at Saturday, we will go to Jakarta by train. We stayed in Jakarta for 5 days. It means...I am off from school for two weeks! I really don't know whether I should be happy or sad.

Monday, 26th September 2016 - Thursday, 29th September 2016 (Intel Galileo Board Project and TC OPSI)
We went to the Department of Education in Yogyakarta at 8 am until 4 pm to participate in Intel Galileo Board Project in which we were explained on how to use the new Intel Galileo Motherboard type Arduino Uno. Honestly, I learned basic C language last year, but I still have no idea about programming. Human language is easier for my slow brain T_T. And I thought it was dope! Though in the end, I can't even try it since it doesn't support Windows 8.1 to run the program. At last, I learned a lot of things and it was a whole new experience for me.

At 4 pm, we continued to Hotel Cailendra to participate in TC which took 4 days in a row to prepare OPSI 2016 as DIY team. We were one of the teams who didn't make it to Klinik Sains (don't know how to explain this), so we felt pretty...left behind as we know no one. It was a really tiring four days. Pretty depressing and worth to remember. It takes a lot of  energy as I felt really drained out that I whined a lot these days.

Me and Dinda always been crazy and starving and sleepy the whole time. We were drained out. As we can't work in the middle of people, so we isolated and locked ourselves in the room while we were doing our work. I remember it was midnight in the third day that we were soooo starving, so we decided to go out with a motorcycle and drove to the nearest supermarket to buy instant noodles and ramen. We knocked the bapak-bapak room a.k.a security to open the pantry's door...because we desperately want to eat ramen. AND WE MADE IT. It was the best feeling ever to eat ramen when you're so depressed of realizing that your expectation contradicts the reality. whoOOa. Hella cool line, ain't it?!

These four days...I was tired. Physically. And mentally. What I learned was that when you're depressed, all you need is ramen. Haha, no. I learned a lot of knowledge about research and other valuable things (though the ramen theory is included). And in those days, we suddenly remember how we really miss our Namche's Mas Zak, Mas Rizqi, Mbak Dewi, Mas Afif, Mbak Tika, Mas Bagas, Mbak Fiesha. They told us so much more than that last year. No offense. Please be offended. It has been a long time, hasn't it?

- I wrote this in the train on my way to Jogjakarta. I am so gabut alias gaji buta alias don't know what should I do. hehe.