Sunday, February 05, 2017

Déjà vu

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There were times 
when everything felt so unsure 
and the other time it felt so certain
I didn't know 
how everything felt close 
yet distant– 
whether it was a real beginning 
or more as though remembering 
some sort of Déjà vu

I believed and didn't believe
because not all paths join
We know too well
that a situation
could change one's mind
every whisper 
brings me closer 
to a long list 
of impossible conclusions

Sometimes I thought
as if I have given so much
to things that
weren't worth 
my time, 
who am I to blame?


  1. /(h)wō/. Exclamation. Used as a command to a horse to make it stop or slow down.
    synonyms: stop, easy, slow down, hold your horses
    "whoa, boy!"

    Source: Google

  2. When that time comes, will you keep your faith in?

    1. How to know what you wanna fight is a worth thing?

    2. Why did you even ask me that question in the first place? Well, nice try anon. Whoever you are.

    3. Pardon me, because i'm just seeking an answers...nevermind Febby. Have a nice day, may Allah bless You :)

    4. Anw, congrats for your global heroes...good luck!

    5. Right. (correction: answers, not an answers)
      Know each other? Possibly...
      fyi. i'm not the 'whoa' anon guy. i'm the other anon guy xD

      See ya at the next phase, junior :P

    6. Hmm... Ok. Lol thanks for the clarification. Why be anons... why can't you guys just show up and reveal?-__-

      Are you a senior?

    7. haha i'm the mistaken one so thanks for reminds me...i'm correcting myself...u have no problem bout dat.

      xixixi. be patient. you will see :)


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