Saturday, February 11, 2017

He, the untold story

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Allah always knows how to teach His servants in a way that sometimes feels magical yet impossible. Ever since it has ended, I realised how Allah had always been reminding me to stop but I stubborn thinking that it would be a happy ending soon. It took me three years or so to finally understand the situation I actually am in for I finally could comprehend cold-headedly that what happened that day in the first year of high school was absolute nonsense and a complete utter bullshit. I thought it was just a matter of time but yeah lol it was.

It was not so long after the unexpected hello after all those empty stares. I wonder how you lured me in for so long. I must be wrong-spelt. Well, but I am grateful it wasn't more than that. Had it never ends, I would never stop continue thinking that way. As long as I could recall, he was all funny lies disguised in sweet lines. I wonder how did you even get the idea to make up the lies? Making me sounded like I was all crazy about you? Victim-blaming yourself? Jeez. I feel bad that's only in your head.

Why did I waste my time?

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