Sunday, March 05, 2017

De ce terrible paysage, tel que jamais mortel n'en vit...

"Quand on veut une chose, tout l'Univers conspire à nous permettre de réaliser notre rêve." -Paulo Coelho
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Sometimes I am not even sure if I have chosen the right path, nor do I know if I have made a wrong decision or if it's just because I am worried about everything...basically presque tout. Just looking at my timelines, all those possibilities, and chances ahead make me dread the future so much. I always feel like I have done nothing sufficient enough. I know what I want in life and how to achieve it. I have my faith and I am so well aware that every single thing in life happens in the right time and the right place. But insecurity never leave its place and haunts me in the dark to find its light. I don't want to look back and regretting what I have done today, yet I still am doing nothing ever good enough. Nevermind, I shall study though...


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