Sunday, December 31, 2017


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Once upon a time, somebody loved t-he gravity so much.
He was a whisper of blue, colour me intrigued.
He was an ice in the desert; fire in the glaciers.
He was the star that redrew the cosmos in the expanding universe.
He made her look at the stars differently, to the names of constellations.
It was true. Not an exaggerating black nor a pretentious white.
Six-feet deep, I am at the edge of the stellar black hole.
I've seen this raw strength only once before;
untamed power and beyond that, something hidden.
Although stars continued to collide
in the universe that is no longer infinite and immutable.
Even if one day, mankind's descendant will gaze at the night sky
and see a starless carpet of perfect black.
I don't know. I never knew.
Should the gravity collapse,
may the Force will always be with you.

WOw, does it sound a bit cheesy, eh? Forgive me, my Lord.
This is nothing. Just a glimpse of thoughts at midnight, I just need to pour it all out.
Oh, and this, too, will be the last post in 2017. Welcome, 2018. Be good to me.


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