Monday, January 15, 2018

Counting Days

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The wait is over (well, not over yet tho I am still waiting for my visa and etc etc), the final result has been announced earlier this January. The road wasn't smooth, it was rather rough and full of rocks. I limped but He guides me 'till the end. I was being worried, doubtful, and indecisive but He convinces me to continue, to remember the reasons why I started.

I have one month left to officially become a KGSP 2018 scholar. Aside being busy applying for my visa, medical check-ups, preparing my entry to Korea, and the hectic-packing-ngeribetin-days, I spend some time hanging out with my friends and family. Hang-out, the thing that I rarely do because most of the time I like to spend my days at home. I really am a home person(?), anak rumahan maksudnya. Hahahah.

My side-kick, started talking about how I should keep contacting her like we always do everyday. About can I stay a bit longer and she started being possessive as always. Well, parting away is not really a big deal for us since our friendship has been nearly 5 years and we only met ONCE. On the way twice tomorrow. We are so getting used of this ldr-like (yuck!) friendship since the beginning.

My liqo friends also, the friends who always remind me about the world and Jannah, also my murabbi, mba Hesti, who never stops teaching us everything she knows. They're precious gems Allah brought me in this world. Even before my departure, she always reminds me to keep my prayer on time (which is so hard but I'm trying :'( ) and let our alumni there to make sure that I continue my liqo. Insha'Allah. Things will be different, prayers will be harder. Even to hold onto my deen will be both a trial and blessing. Alhamdulillah :)

Well, I hope that the universe will be good to you for the rest of the year and I truly hope you guys find the happiness you deserve and if you're going through any hardships, please hold on. There are better things to come so yeah as usual take care of yourselves.

I love you guys, a lot.

p.s : anyway, Insha'Allah I will write posts about my journey getting this scholarship as any of you have asked me through dm, email, and WhatsApp. I wish through this way I can help you to reach your dreams :) If I haven't write any, please refer to previous scholar and read the guidelines carefully before asking! Please check or Kedubes Korea for Indonesia's website. Best of luck.


  1. Kok keren sih mbak ใ… ใ…  ketrima di univ apa mbak? Aku pernah baca syarat buat dpt KGSP tu minimal nilai TOPIK nya brp gitu. Belajar buat TOPIK susah gak sih? Butuh tips nya nih :)) hwaiting mbak!

    1. Alhamdulillah. Korea University^^ Optional kok topiknya.. hmmm kalo niat inshaallah bisa kok. Makasih!!

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  3. moga ilmunya manfaat dek, ini nerawang aja wekekeke


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