Thursday, August 02, 2018

Korean Language Program: First Semester Finished!

It's August already!!!!!! 
wHOA, I remember I arrived in Korea on 19th February, it means I have been here for almost 6 months! It's my first time of being away from home in such a long time. I did finish my first semester of Korean Language Program at Silla University and currently on my vacation until September.

Does that mean you're going to College soon??
nO. Well, I don't know but I am a bit pessimistic because I didn't do well on TOPIK 56th. I don't think I can get level 5/6 soon hahahaa it's so hard. I don't know, I am still waiting for the results.

If you're a KGSP Scholar, this 1 year Korean Language Training is obligatory before going to your real university unless you already have TOPIK level 5 or 6 upon application. The university for Korean language program is randomly picked by NIIED, you can't choose nor it can be changed. We study from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m (just like school T_T) except on Friday the class finishes at 1 p.m. We will have both regular class and TOPIK class, in Silla University we use Korean books from Yonsei University. Meanwhile, for the TOPIK class, we will solve previous TOPIK questions which the teachers already compiled into one book. We have exams and homework as well. 

During the Korean Language Program the schools will also provide us with cultural activity outside class so that we can experience Korean culture by ourselves, and of course, to cure the boredom of learning Korean 24/7!!! Just kidding, I didn't study that much :( Well, the results speak because my exam result wasn't really good compared to my friends who studied a lot. hehe. I should study harder next time. hehe.

When you first arrived, they will conduct an exam to know your Korean language skills, like a mock exam? So they can classify you into certain classes. In my year, there were 3 classes, from A to C. The two classes were for the beginners, started from the very beginning: hangeul. And my class is for the intermediate. My class has 12 GKS students from very diverse countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrzygstan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Iran, and Chile. They're all already sooo good in Korean, except me, my speaking, writing, and reading are sucks trust me I am the worst at class. 

The class will be conducted in Korean, 99,95% in Korean because most of the teachers can't speak English but some of them know a little. I was soooo confused at first because my speaking and listening skill are so bad. But alhamdulillah I think I am getting used to it. The beginner classes are also taught in Korean, sometimes English. Don't worry!! The teachers often used motions when explaining things.

My friends helped me so much by talking to me in Korean and sometimes gave me a piece of advice to not to be afraid of speaking and sharing my thoughts. I am shy, ehehehe. And usually, I don't talk that much either so it's the hardezzzzt. But whatever. Right now I am in a state where my Indonesian is so weird, my English is so degrading (I speak weirdly now.), and my Korean is getting nowhere huhuuhuhuuuu.

For those who are asking, will my courses in University be in the Korean language? 
nOOO. Hahahaha. I don't want to :-) 
I love English. My courses will be in English and yes I still need to attend Korean Language Program because it will come in handy for daily life and of course meeting and talking with Koreans. At least, if you speak a good Korean, they wouldn't underestimate you that much. ahahahaa.


  1. Aku kira kelas bahasanya pake pengantar bhs inggris, ternyata mostly pake bhs korea �� semangat terus mbakk! Ditunggu tulisan-tulisan lainnya hehe. Btw, have a great holiday mbak!


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