Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Beginning of A Journey

Korean Language Training graduation day - January, 2019

This is just the beginning...
Almost 3 months passed since I wrote anything in this blog, I have promised you 
to write articles on the topic that you guys requested but I haven't had the chance and time to write, 
I am sorry, I will try my best. If... possible. InshaAllah. Hehe. 

This post will mark the beginning of my study journey in South Korea. By January 18th I've officially finished my Korean Language Training Program at Silla University. Yes, I've graduated! Alhamdulillah. But this is not the end, at all. Instead, this is the beginning of the real journey. Soon enough I will start my undergraduate studies on Spring Semester at Korea University, Seoul. I will leave Busan (that has become my second hometown now I guess!) and move to Seoul by mid-February InshaAllah.

A lot of things happened in 2018, the good and the bad. I am feeling so grateful that I have met wonderful and amazing GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) friends at Silla University: 36 people from 32 different countries. We came from various cultures and backgrounds, we may not always like each other and have the same opinions about everything but we learned how to respect and appreciate each other's cultures and values despite our differences. They are all amazing people, I learned about their pasts and the journeys that they have been through but managed to survive until they became the person they are today. We all have strengths and weaknesses, we may not be perfect but that's what differentiates us from one another. And I am feeling so happy that I got the chance to learn about their lives, personal values, and way of thinking.

When I look back at my life again I realize how lucky and blessed I am because of this opportunity. I really am grateful and InshaAllah will not regret my decision of coming to Korea despite the challenges that I have to face in order to survive. Life in Korea may not be easy, but this is where I learn how to be responsible and get out of my comfort zone in order to grow. Oh, and I am 20 now, it might be young for some people and old for some other people. But for me, I've always reminded myself that "If today is your last day, then you are old already.", so don't wait until you're old because old age is not promised. The present is the only thing that we have right now, so make sure that we don't waste it! #selfreminder :)

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