Sunday, March 10, 2019

First Week at Korea University & Teaching Kids

First Week at Korea University - Course Registration and Journaling
Last Monday, May 4th 2019, I started my first week as a freshman at Korea University. I did course registration (์ˆ˜๊ฐ•์‹ ์ฒญ) for the first time before college starts (๊ฐœ๊ฐ•) and took 18 credits with 2 core-general education in "Introduction to Economics" and "Introduction to Political Science". Those two classes are the very basic thing that I would need for the next 4 years before taking some major classes which would need pre-requisites or general idea about the courses. I changed my schedule during the add/drop period due to some reasons and consideration, the rest of the classes are English classes to improve my academic English skill in a general, reading, writing, debating, and so on. My courses are all in English!! ye-hey, happy. Bye, Korean. Oh, and before anyone asking again, I am majoring in International Studies. Yep, International Studies, not International Relations. I will write a post about it as soon as I understand clearly the difference between both of them, Insha Allah.

I have been trying to start journaling again for the past few days, I just bought my stationeries last week and decided that this year's theme will be all in black! I also re-write and re-consider my future goals and make it aligned with my timetable right now. I don't know what will happen in the next few months, my first semester in KU, but I wish I will remain steadfast and firm in my faith or even goes deeper than I used to have. I pray that whatever I will face in the future: pain, rejection, blessing, dynamic, etc, will always have barakah in it. I don't know what will happen in the next four months, or four years even, but I wish my future-self will contemplate on the posts that I've written from the past few years in this book or in my journals, thus, I will remember why I started.

I have been writing a blog since I was 12 years old and that's the time where I started to plan out my whole life. I make a plan, Allah plans, but Allah is the best of a planner. But as a Muslim, we are not ought to just let everything happen and wait. We are taught to do our part with hard-work and the rest we leave it to Allah. Having tawakkal in Allah doesn't mean we don't plan out things, having tawakkal in Allah means "we do our part first and let Allah do the rest". From the past few weeks, I am trying to change my eating and life-style by building a habit of "eat more vegetables and fruits"! Cooking recipe videos are one of my jam now yayyyy (I am not a pro but at least I am trying! hehe). There are still some habits that I have to change including zero procrastination, read more books, seek knowledge, drink more water, and stop-clicking-the-snooze-button!! I am trying to fix and change myself to be better because after all, it is for my own good. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah for Islam.

My First Time Teaching Kids (in Korean!)
Hmm, what else..? Oh! This Saturday was my first time teaching Indonesian or mix-married Korean kids, I was paired with three kids today (around 4-6 years old): Ali, Hakim, and Iram. Three of them can't speak Korean, well, one knows and understands but doesn't want to use it. It was such a challenge for me because I am so bad at speaking but yeah I tried. Ali keeps saying, "I don't know Indonesian." and ran away from the table. I have met Iram before when I was still in Busan, she kinda forgot me at first but after I showed her the selfies that we used to take she started to hold my hands, jumps here and there, pull me to the right or left, run around the room, and never tried to let go of it! Awe. She likes studying and always repeat her Qur'an memorization even when it's not the time for memorizing. Also, her story-telling skill is amazing, perhaps better than I do.

The other two boys are siblings but they look like a twin because of how much they resemble each other! Similar heights even. Ali is older than his peers but still too young to be included in the "big class", he is still kiddo after all. However, he is maturer than the kids on his age and tends to take care of those younger than him. He is shy and likes to lower his voice when reading Iqra' or repeating the surah he has memorized. I don't know if he was not confident or just bored. Hakim, on the other hand, is less shy than his brother but his focus often distorted with toys and snacks. Both of them are quiet but likes drawing, I was surprised when I saw Ali's drawing. He drew so well that I can tell what he is drawing (some kids' drawings are so abstract I don't even know what that is.). Ali is my favourite hihi!

However, three of them did well and actually knows the Arabic alphabets they have memorized before. Just bored and lazy I think, typical kids. Because as soon as we played hand-plushies, they started to tell me stories about animals (in Korean of course) and did some role-plays where I have to act like I am hurt or give special reaction whenever they push the plushies to me, like you know, attacking. Hahahah, funny thing, they don't know the names of animals in Bahasa Indonesia except one thing, bebek, and they'll start laughing endlessly. May Allah bless these kids, aamiin ya rabbal alamin.


  1. Kalau boleh tau kaka teaching the children part time
    atau apa ka ? :) i love all your korean journey story ka, i have a plan for gks too i hope we can be friends and meet there! :)

  2. man, i'd love to visit korea someday! love your stories, i can really relate to them (except not being in korea)

    ~ trynyewthings!

    1. yayy come here and enjoy korea! hahaha. thank you so much :)


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