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"But most of the times we forgot about the little things that actually mattered, 

we forgot the insignificant yet important things in our life."

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October 1932.

The wind blew gently in the month of October. It hasn't been raining for a week and the leaves have dried, leaving the road untouched in a pile of red. The falling leaves made a rustling sound as she walked through the pavements carrying around a bag of groceries. It has been more than 3 weeks since she went out like this, let herself enjoying the breathtaking scenery around her because usually when she goes out she will go back as soon as she gets what she wanted.

"I always have a thing for autumn, you know?" she said.

"I thought you love winter? Because you finally have an excuse for not going outside, refusing to meet people," the guy exclaimed in, tucking his scarf inside his coat. 

Autumn is the season where she doesn't have to worry about the weather because whether it rains or not, both are still as lovely for her. Actually, she wouldn't mind walking in the rain without the umbrella and let the rain dripped down her shirt. But people will call her insane and she prefers no attention.

"Well, I do.", she smiled sheepishly, "But seeing how the color changes every year from green to red got me thinking about the things that I used to overlook. Change is beautiful, pain is beautiful. Besides, wouldn't it be a perfect time to read a book in the park?"

"You and your fairytales," she and her fairytales, "eventually you will end up with flu for exposing yourself too much from the dust. Like me,"

She glared, turning her head towards a person who just pointing out the truth in front of her. "You be jealous 'cuz I can enjoy valuable things more than you do." 

"At least I don't need a particular reason or moment to be happy," 

"you do," the girl chuckled to herself as she walked past him, leaving the snotty guy behind trying to come up with another thought to reply. "Every emotion needs a reason. You know the hormones and all, they need a signal from the nervous system to work and, um, it does need a cause for it transmits something through your brain."

"Were you a biology teacher in your previous life?" he said jokingly.

"I don't believe in any form of reincarnation," she wondered if he actually listening.

"So we die once."

"Yeah, eventually. Anyway, don't try to change the subject."

"What do you want me to say"

"Anything. Anything that provokes my mind. Or something that you think I'd argue about," 

"You always do." He's always been intelligent and practical in his thinking, sometimes too bizarre and abstract for her understanding. His peers are mostly stupid as it wasn't quite a norm for a young boy like him to have such prominent ideas ahead of his times. 

"Okay, having said that even if you claim that you don't have any reason everything that doesn't make you feel the opposite—angry, sad, upset—is enough reason."

"Well, in fact, humans are complicated beings where we can't really measure every single thing, hence we waste a lot of time thinking about the unnecessary."

"Yes, we do. But most of the times we forgot about the little things that actually mattered, we forgot the insignificant yet important things in our life. We forgot that the things that you called 'no reason' actually exist because even the smallest thing as not having a reason itself is a reason."

"But what if I told you that happiness is a state of mind? Like, it is a natural state of our being and having it blocked by negative emotions such as fears and anxiety will finally give you a reason to be sad or anything negative. By that means, you can have a reason to be sad but not the other way around."

She paused for seconds. "If by a reason means that we should achieve, accomplish, or experience something then I would disagree with you. But if what you mean by reason is anything as small as your thoughts about yourself, you appreciating your existence in life, then yes."

"You know what, certain issues do not have a fixed answer. Sometimes all we need to do is to just appreciate and enjoy the moments while we are still present."

"Then I do agree with you."

She knew he always knows how to make a perceptive remark with an incredible judgment in a way that is almost impossible for her to deny. But this time, she let her win the argument.

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