Febby Aurora🌙

1998 born INFJ-A who is currently studying in South Korea as a KGSP 2018 student. She is currently pursuing her major in International Studies at Korea University. A green-tea enthusiast, pluviophile, a careless dreamer, and a pure-blood Slytherin who has a strange behaviour of becoming attracted by intelligence and its use. A weirdo who has a strange obsession towards astronomy and secretly pondering about the galaxy superclusters and the universe on a daily basis. Socially awkward but likes to engage in deep and meaningful conversations. She loves good books, journal, poems, and watercolour painting. Thus, has a huge admiration for scientist and engineers in the world. This blog is a personal place for her to practice languages, self-improvements, and experiences in general.



- I am up for any discussion or questions.  I would be very happy with any suggestions, critics, etc. So, please don't hesitate to contact me via email. I am looking forward to hearing from you! :)
- Some posts are fiction lol easy dude, don't take it seriously lol.